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Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. You can call me by the name I use on other platforms on those platforms. I prefer they/them pronouns.

More about me below the cut.

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Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button.

Regarding comments: Yes, please. Don't be a jerk on purpose and please do tell me if I am being a jerk because it is probably by accident. EDIT: If I sound like I'm telling you to shut up via hint, no, I just failed my social skills check. If I want you to go away I will tell you that and then block stuff. If you want me to go away / not comment on a certain thing / in a certain way I WILL, IF I understand that that is what you are telling me. I am working pretty hard on figuring out how to do this online social life thing and I do screw up sometimes. I tend to post links with lots of thinkythoughts and I don't always give enough context, that is another thing to work on.

Regarding quoting/remixing something I made: Go ahead. It would be nice if you included a credit/link back.
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I love wols! For those of you who insist on standard spelling, also known as owls. Once again, please give credit to the intrepid [personal profile] cmcmck and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for inspiring me to dive down a research rabbit hole. Except it’s more of a burrowing owl hole this time, though I didn’t really focus on those.

Some wols in my vicinity:

Washington Owls
(Lengthy text with pictures; pictures are labeled with some description.)

Oregon Owls
(Lengthy chart of text with one pictures per species, includes species names and links to audio of calls; pictures are labeled but not extensively described.)

There’s lots more! Read more... )

Anyway, hoot hoot hoot hoot! I had fun looking all this up.
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This is brief, though I have more on the topic. For explanation, suffice it to say that I have driven to and from my new workplace for three days now, plus errands and meals in the area of my workplace, and I have gotten lost, at least to the extent of taking a couple of wrong turns and needing to check a map, *every single trip.* And I'm not bothered by that. Read more... )
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I choose to focus on gratitude not to diminish the importance of bad things in our world, but to strengthen myself to fight them and to create good things.

- I read and/or was recommended some good kid's books recently.
- On a related note, while labeling book bins, I carefully recolored picture labels to add more diverse skin tones, hair styles, and clothing to characters, and am working on adding adaptive equipment and gender diversity as I continue to label; this may or may not actually make a small difference in this specific instance, but it helps me to keep my brain in a useful gear.
- The sun continues to be gorgeous.
- Some fall-crop plants have germinated in my garden.
- I got to look at Mt. Hood the other day.
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Trigger warning: violent death, intersecting systemic injustices Read more... )

PS: This is a rough response. Please, if there are important new stories I've missed, feel free toa dd links. (There are so many.)
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After a conversation on writing, and some thoughts I've had recently about time management, prioritizing, and making room for joy, I've decided that it would be a good idea to update at least once a week in the form of either a poem or a piece of fiction writing in progress. Thus, a part of my day today, in a haiku chain.

*** Gardening Poem ***

Weeds always come back.
A tree of thorns erupts from
under the chain fence.

Sun always comes back.
Three-prong fork scratches the dust
of dry brown mudstone.

Rain always comes back.
Today, water rolls off, oozes,
gone; but soon clouds come.

Decay comes back too.
A centipede, crawling, twine
left buried, forgotten.

Life always comes back.
Seeds, care, time, air, work, luck, earth,
life in the garden.
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Slice of life, no giant ups or downs, some weather and chores and things...

1. WEATHER NO. Excessive heat warnings and dry dry dry. Feh. Too hot for pats. *pours cold water on head*

2. So, in addition to major gardening yesterday, today I had a grownup conversation about a difficult topic without any freaking out from me OR my interlocutor and we successfully did some stuff and moved on to the next thing, so good us on tap-dancing around both of our issues. This maybe shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it is, especially given YUCK HOT, so I’m noting it.

3. Also I did dishes and dried them and took out the trash.

4. Nap right after breakfast. Was nice snooze. However, no, body we cannot go back to no sleep schedule whatsoever. Yes we will get enough rest, I promise. *sets alarm to remind self to GO to bed instead of the other way round*

5. So even though the garden was covered in weeds some of the things I planted did survive so far and maybe will have a chance if I get out there and water, so that’s good. If I keep this plot hopefully I can nurture strawberries and chives and oregano over the winter season for produce next year. Would be nice if greens came back too but no strong expectations there. I may look up produce for the next climate zone south of here, except that’s California and there are so many of them and I’m not sure ex-rainforest is a climate zone.

6. Was I going to do a thing? Write a thing? Maybe? I’m going for spontaneous today as long as I am not sitting in one spot doing the same thing repeatedly. Energy might be a thing. Or it would be if it wasn’t so hot. Words, what.
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Buh. Bzuh. Tired. Left house at 11, back now at 4:15. Spent day gardening. Much help from lovely S. Went to garden store for more gloves and trash bags, to home & garden repair store to rent string trimmer, grabbed snack. Went to garden plot at community garden. Yanked and cut weeds. Tied up berry canes trailing into garden plot. THORNS. Yanked and cut weeds. Ate cloudberries. Tried to make trimmer work. Got it working for less than two minutes. VINES. Unwisely switched trimmer off. Was unable to get back on; very frustrating. Yanked and cut weeds. S returned trimmer to rental place. Yanked and cut weeds. SMELLY WEEDS. Spoke to parks and rec staff member trimming public area; got assist trimming paths. Cleared off path. Yanked and cut weeds; piled on path. S returned. Bagged up weeds. Three super size trash bags plus, and the first bag broke. Put tools away. Took weeds in car to dumpster. Garden is now at a normal instead of terrifying level of weeds. Still need to mulch paths, turn over soil, clear some crops, plant for fall, all within less than two weeks and ideally before school gets started, to be in compliance with garden standards. But did biggest things: bureaucracy and weeds of doom. Take that anxiety monster. Ha. WE HAVE GARDENED.
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So this happened about three days ago.

Warning for MANY MANY of the social and interpersonal problems of society today, including: anxiety, other horrible emotions, implied/threatened violence, risky decisions, disrespect, racism, sexism, bad communication, environmentalism and community care being undermined.

Please be aware that I do NOT expect or ask that people will educate me on how to get out of my own privileged perspective. I have some questions at the bottom because I am curious and want to invite people to comment, but please know that you are entirely free to NOPE out of helping me figure out my crap. The following comments are welcome: questions about what happened, what I noticed or didn’t notice, why I thought this was important enough to post about. The following are not: insulting me or the people described, or telling me that I shouldn’t care. Read more... )

PS: I'm okay. In between my initially writing this and my editing it to post was the big beach trip I still haven't written about, a personal struggle with anxiety over participating in a community garden, a gift of pizza scraper with FEELINGS attached, and a grocery store run also with brain-wackiness. So, you know, I had a good day yesterday, and also my mixed up emotions are not actually paying attention to this topic any more. But I still think it's important. Thus the post.
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Day trip to the beach. Drove both ways. Actual details when not experiencing giggle fits from exhaustion.
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Do you need cute ferrets? Read more... )
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Walked/hiked up to and around Mt Tabor City Park again.

Contents may include: humans, physical challenges, actually enjoying exercise, food, brain weirdness, fuzzy animals, complaining about weather: Read more... )
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The intense sweetness of star jasmine.

The stony damp green coolth of moss.

The dusty fennel scent of cow parsley in bloom.

The peppery sawdusty tang of recently sawed green wood.

The resiny, mellow scent of the flaking cones of local evergreen trees.

The spicy citrus-tinged rose scent of a perfect full blossom on a spindly rosebush.

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Directly quoting [personal profile] lizcommotion here because LizCommotion said this very well:

Rampant ableism, but important petition so please click if or when you have spoons but also don't feel bad if you are out of cope: Read more... )
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[personal profile] alexseanchai is hosting a Love Meme. Tell people things you like about hanging out with them on Dreamwidth or send them love in general. Nominate yourself with your name and pronouns to receive positive comments from others if you would like to get a little love.

Yes, it's been up for awhile. But let's see if I can get it signal boosted or replicated over and over, because it's a great idea and the world needs more love.

ETA: If you like the idea, you can do it yourself. Please respect other people's wishes in regard to participation.
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So! Excellent, confusing news! Yesterday afternoon, a very dear old friend, A., that I have not seen in some time nor stayed in good touch with showed up on my doorstep out of the blue. He crashed at our place over night, and we (he and I for part of the time, and he and I and my partner S for another part of it) had a wonderful time hanging out. A. is moving to a town about two hours from here and would like to hang out on a regular basis!

So I have complicated emotions about this because of Feelings and Worries, but also, it is really really wonderful! I had so much fun! I have all the exclamation points!!!!! I am very grateful to the universe for reminding me that surprises can be wonderful and friendship is immensely rewarding and I usually have more ability to have fun in me than I necessarily notice or access - those are all good to know. I’m so grateful. And a bit dizzy and disoriented because SURPRISE visit. Yes I trust my old friend such that this is perfectly fine, but I did end up running around doing laundry and things and trying to think of a place to go to because I hadn’t had any prep time.

But it was fine that things were messy and dizzying. We’re tribe / extended family together. I couldn’t stop him from helping with the dishes but I did manage to buy him his stack of books at Powell’s. So… I’m probably going to fall over at some point today because way more socializing than usual, but it was so worth it. And really good timing actually!

Yay for unexpected time with dear friends!
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I am grateful for:

Locating misplaced items.

Soft warm fuzzy purple blankets.

Cool breezes on a hot day.

Amber glow programs that allow me to use my electronics without the blue glare.

Massage wands and ibuprofen.

Traffic lights with pedestrian crossings at intersections, accessibility features at pedestrian crossings, a local driving culture that actually stops for people crossing the street.

Cut for noms: Read more... )

ETA: I read a thing and now I must read everything by this group of authors and everyone they recommend because autistic cat-person hera Catwoman is now my headcanon of YESSSSSS. Fandom can be awesome.
ETA to ETA: Links: Series rec via [personal profile] beatrice_otter, specific fic by Hadley (Starlightify) at .
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I told myself I would not do this but I am going to change my mind and do it anyway. Please, please feel free to skip it if it isn't your cup of tea today, I won't be offended.

Content warning: mental differences, mental illness, sensory stuff, gender stuff, relationship stuff, work stuff, body stuff, little bits of ALL THE STUFF Read more... )


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