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I'm identifying and describing myself to make it easier for people to talk to me, for me to find community, to point out some common interests, to make it simpler for anyone who chooses to call me on blinkered or privileged thinking, and to avoid inadvertently misrepresenting myself. Because people do change over time, this post is also subject to change.

Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. I prefer they/them pronouns. Read more... )

Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Basically nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button. I will update if and when this needs to change.
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Yesterday I got to pet one of my neighborhood kitty-cats. Bobtail Kitty is grayish-brownish tabby on top and white on his fuzzy belly. When I walked by his house, he came running off the porch to greet me. It was sunny so he sprawled on the sidewalk and let me rub his tummy, scratch his ears, and pet his back. I noticed that his white fur is like snow, sparkling bright white with regular patterns of faint shadow, and the black barring of his tabby pattern on his back had a rainbow sparkle where the fine hairs diffracted sunlight. He went in circles head butting me and getting chin scratches for a bit, and I got him to stand on my lap and purr for a bit, and then he chewed gently on my hand for a minute to let me know we were done. Dawww.

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ETA: More kitties, more body-communication actually working, more yay!
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rosy dawn glow through fog over pine trees

excellent views of the graceful arc of the Tilikum Crossing bridge, by early daylight all shining silver, by pre-sunrise twilight pale and jeweled with lights, and by early-AM darkness a stream of fiery colors topped with two bright flags

a park full of autumn trees in full color, including daffodil yellow, bright pinkish red, deep burnt orange, pumpkin orange, dark purplish red, true red-orange with bronze shadings, dark damp brown and faded dark green

a warm fuzzy blanket

a hot shower

clean laundry (thanks darling)

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Weekend's almost over, but there is still time to jam with some prompts and some writing...
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Some of the autumn scents in the air recently included wintergreen, pine sap, figs, and woodsmoke.

A stone bench I passed on my walk had a mosaic of polished pebbles set into the seat. They were smooth and shiny and pleasant to run my hand over.

Autumn leaves continue to be spectacular, even on gray rainy days. Particular notice goes to some all-red and all-yellow maples, as well as the small, delicately serrated, pale yellow leaves of birch trees.

TvTropes is a good source of endless entertainment that consumes as much and only as much brain power as I want it to.

Drinking water is refreshing and good for me.

Ear skritches! Good for kitties! I petted two cats and said hi to a third today; I also petted two dogs. Walks are good for that. The cat I said hi to but didn’t get to pet was the neighbor kitty I’ve nicknamed Cream Loof Nornj. The others were a peachy-orange kitty with pale green eyes and fluffy cheeks who was nibbling on plants in his (?) yard, and a skittish, silvery-fawny-gray kitty with large angled gem-yellow eyes who wove back and forth to cautiously investigate me and S when we reached her (?) piece of sidewalk. The doggies were a Golden Retriever and a cream-colored Labrador mix.
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a cloud of house finches twittering in the bushes

the cold earthy smell of autumn leaves

the gleaming snowcaps of mount hood and mount helens against a blue sky


a warm clean towel

the sweet softness of steamed milk on chai

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A good night’s sleep, a pretty morning sky of rose-tinted clearing clouds, and sunshine this afternoon.

Entertaining fiction online - I’m hesitant to post reviews since I wouldn’t *unequivocally* recommend anything I’ve read recently and don’t think I have the energy for explaining nuances, but let’s just say sf&f with queer themes and a bit of a historical flavor.

Maples with kiwi green, dandelion yellow, and flame red leaves all at once. The colors, the colors, the colors!

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Do you remember these? Or do you - like me - WISH you'd been in online fandom long enough to remember these? (I dunno what's wrong with my younger self, I had friends who wrote fanfic and everything.)

Check it out.
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Ysabetwordsmith is taking prompts for a Poetry Fishbowl!

If you haven't before, go check out this brilliant bard's work. Drop a prompt, a donation, a link, or all three.
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AKA the "Cats and Netflix Song Edition"

1. Kitty! I took a walk on Saturday and met my neighbor the bobtail cat hanging out on his porch. I sat on the steps and made interesting noises, and he came over for sniffs, chin-scratching, petting, more petting while sitting on my lap, and general adorableness.

2. GBBO. I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off (second U.S. season) while huddled with my sweetie under every blanket in the apartment (Sunday and Tuesday).

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How to decide on a cat tree (and other cat linkspam). This is assuming one has cats, is besotted enough to get a cat tree, and can afford to do so. I fit only the middle criterion at the moment, but I can dream. Read more... )
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Signal boost, via zeeth_kyrah: here:

" Say what you like about nurses, garbage collectors, or mechanics, it’s obvious that were they to vanish in a puff of smoke, the results would be immediate and catastrophic. A world without teachers or dock-workers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place. "


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... I'd like to do more research, but I have work tomorrow.
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Voices of a diverse group of young people in an isolated small town in Australia - speaking to their heritage, their present challenges, and their dreams.

Quote from lyrics:

"Change it back to what it meant to be I’ll take back my identity
I’ll maintain my integrity. I’m black in the 21st Century
Yep there’s still room for improvement, work with us to start a movement
Bourke about to change the game and break the chain through this here music.

If you fair dinkum prove it bred, you better shake your leg
If you for real sis, hands up if you feel this.
If you on track, you better learn your lingo, bringin it back.
Learn the facts, learn your language, yep be proud be black

We livin’ black and white – get rid of that stereotype
Never give up, don’t quit, the truth is you can be anything you like
Yep you gotta grab that mic, gotta keep that fire alight
Gotta keep on dreaming keep your chin up, keep on shining bright."

Project Link with video and lyrics:

Trying to embed video:

(Did the embed link work??)

Via [personal profile] thnidu who got it via someone else.

thnidu's post:
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Today's random shiny things in my life are brought to you by The Internet. Which, like the world, contains much suck but also much awesome. Including your presence; welcome.

(Cut for length and one brief NSFW item.) Read more... )
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Anonymously or openly, generally or specifically, post about your day in 5-7-5 (ish) syllables!
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Cut for length; topics include self-care, employment, privilege, time management, and general wordiness. Read more... )
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Wooden pattern blocks in the shapes of assorted polygons.
Apple juice.
Stuffed animals.
Ice cubes in a ziploc bag.
Fresh air.
Soothing classical music.
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Draft of a short poem in couplets, fulfilling my plan to update in poetry or fic on a weeklyish basis. Not sure if I like this one or not; critique specific or general is welcome.

The Autumn Comes Uncertainly To School

A leaf at rest on end of branch is torn
Pulled loose by clutch of child’s hand forlorn.

With dragging feet and dancing feet and all
Come littles five years young to line the hall.

The leaves in yellow fall from branch to ground;
The children sing - or wait for songs unfound.
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For those of you celebrating (the lead up to) Rosh Hashanah, or (the season following) Mabon, and/or any other special events in late September / early October, may the occasion be a blessing for you and yours.

Thanks to people on the internet for being voices of hope and sympathy and challenge and joy and generally awesome things. You know who you are - I hope. I’m glad you’re here.

And I’m sorry that almost everyone who has interacted extensively with me lately has gotten splashed with my angst and arrrrgh and stress. I will try to tone it down. (If you’re still here, thanks for not vanishing. If you did vanish and come back, welcome to my experience of interactions. If you vanished for good, well how are you reading this, teach me, I want to know.)

Among recent pluses:

+ I made echinacea-elderberry tea! And emergen-C drink! And hotted up apple cider with cinnamon and orange-spice mix in it! All the drinky things that still taste good with no sense of smell, yay!

+ Having peppermint oil on hand. Useful around the house and in home remedies, it also has the advantage of being …smellable? odorific? (What’s the equivalent of visible and audible here?) even through blocked sinuses, and I LIKE the smell.

+ Electricity in my den (aka apartment). I do like being able to plug in and charge my tech as needed, and make food and beverages, and take showers, and turn a light on at night if I need to, without hauling wood or chopping water, etc, etc. (Self-deprecating rant removed here.)

+ Rereading (and re-watching, re-listening, etc). Sometimes it’s just what one needs in order to have a predictably good experience. Sometimes it reveals new nuances. Sometimes it offers a touchstone of insight or wisdom or morality or endurance in difficult times. Sometimes all of the above.

+ Wikipedia. Sometimes you just need a fast, extensive, crowd-sourced reference whether or not it’s reliable, cite-able, or bias-checked.

Also I got all the dishes done while making the above mentioned tea, because it was too irritating to wash just one mug. I’m not counting this as a plus because of reasons.

And I’m looking forward to clean warm laundry. I may just dump it out on the bed so I can cuddle it, even though it isn't actually cold out yet.

Yet…*goes outdoors to stare pleadingly at remaining pleasant weather*
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Today I am grateful for:
…A being amazing
…S being superb
…days off that include pancakes
…benches near gardens and sunshine
…cozy warm blankets and lots of sleep

Also for:
…OTC decongestants

NOT for:
…sinus infections
…working myself too hard
…extra helpings of near-meltdown over breakfast

Looking forward to:
…herbal tea
…more sleep


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