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I'm identifying and describing myself to make it easier for people to talk to me, for me to find community, to point out some common interests, to make it simpler for anyone who chooses to call me on blinkered or privileged thinking, and to avoid inadvertently misrepresenting myself. Because people do change over time, this post is also subject to change.

Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. I prefer they/them pronouns. Read more... )

Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Basically nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button. I will update if and when this needs to change.
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Hugs from kiddos at school!job.
Kiddos expressing themselves.
Marginally good news about a friend who has been ill.
Plans for probably tomorrow.
Getting through the day with some functional ability to focus left.
Homemade coffee.
Fuzzy plaid pajamas.
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Today I am appreciating:

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Also appreciating:
- Sedums of the species (I think) Sedum acre, Sedum divergens, Sedum rubrotinctum; also assorted mosses and lichen.
- Video calling capability of my laptop.

Tada List
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CW: illness, hospitalization, sadness, worry, not knowing how to people effectively

I want to look for some resources with ideas/checklists on what to do Read more... )
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Medication plus sleep and a bit of sun hopefully equals me actually being awake tomorrow? Am quite hazy this afternoon and still not accomplishing much but there is a discernable upward trend in my level of focus.

Also ebooks of The Goblin Emperor are on sale.
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I cannot freaking focus Read more... )

If anybody local to Portland would be able and willing Read more... )
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Filed tax extension. Grateful for spring. Grateful for good birthday. Worry-loops and medication nonsense. Long day at work. Seeya.
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Copypasta'd from [profile] ysabetwrodsmith, a friend, an excellent writer, and someone with a good eye for situational irony.

A trio of bald eagles are raising eaglets together. Just in case people thought polyamory was somehow "un-American." Here are some pictures of them nesting.


(CN: The article has some occasional cringeworthy hetero-mono-etc-normative lines but an overall positive and accpeting tone. Also, yes, I know, 'it happens in nature' is a logical fallacy as an argument; the lives and emotions of other species are not necessarily anything like an anthropormorphic reading of their behavior would suggest; and bald eagles are not necessarily 'nice' birds. I still think it's hilarious.)

(Picture description for the link article: working on it.)
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Philosphical ramblings, posted as a comment elseweb and reposted here

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Dandelions noms. Read more... )

Plants, and the spontaneous joys of my eclectic appraoch to gardening and herbalism. Read more... )

Helpful people who will, if I can coordinate actually meeting up with them, help me wrangle medications and other necessary activities. Tomorrow when it is light out I need to find my phone!

Kindergarteners in pajamas with stuffies and blankets for Drop Everything And Read day. Pikachu was a popular option, as was Spiderman. Pika pika pika! Among the books read were some of the Llama Llama and Elephant & Piggie series, along with another book with illustrations but Eric Carle. Side-rant about problematic stories... Read more... ) There was a lot of cuteness and kids *wanting* everyone to be included and happy but also not wanting to put up with other kids acting like jerks to which I say: good work.

Cushions on the couch! and soon a pillow yesssss
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And the day after that I should be able to order New Meds. Read more... )

I have happy thoughts about garden garden garden and the pleasures of walking at the very edge of the sidewalk in chilly misting partial rain, but not organized ones.

Also today I got to see kindergarteners staring at dry ice SCIENCE! soap bubbles and carefully feeling the vapor without touching the Extremely Cold Thing and practicing breathing out carbon dioxide - a bonus fun activity for finishing another science project that involved them running in place and flapping their arms and scratching with their feet like quail while wearing little headbands with a long bobbing paper 'quail feather' - so that was excellent.
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problem with meds Read more... )


Of course this happens week of taxes and job applications. Of course. I do not like this. I am scared this will mean Bad Things because I won't/can't do Stuff I Need To Do like this.

Set alarm for rest time. Then more coffee. Tryyyyy to do things.


ETA: Dizziness is down, disorientation is up, but mostly I seem to have stabilized at 'generalized blargh'. Read more... )

Also there are PICTURES of an ACTUAL BLACK HOLE as made visible by its enormous glowy accretion disk. Such admire. Science is amaaaaaaazing. Also-also I want someone to make An Tactile Art based on its orangey shininess. I think that the use of thick velvet and loopy raggy embroidery would better convey the color-shifts in the image (which itself is a data-composite adjusted for normative human visual range) than a high-low map.
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I interacted with humans today! Go me!

A friend posted this link to a comic. (Link goes to reblog with transcript.)
It also me.

ETA: Now that I've thought about it, I think I'd better clarify that it's not that I think I'm necessarily WRONG about things, it's just scary talking about them to other people. ;/
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Yesterday was certainly a day which happened.

I talked to people! More than one of them! And I worked on a job app (didn't finish it YET)... and I was out and about and did stuff, and I watched some stuff, and ... there was ... emotional stuff?

And now it is Monday. No students today, though! *caffeinates*
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After much flail and also food, am at library working on Thing.
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Yesterday I woke up and then I went back to sleep. Repeatedly. Oh, and read a bit, but ... not that much that was either new or noteworthy? I suppose some of the rereads were pretty good.

I'm simultaneously accepting of this (because sometimes I do need a day just to be flat) and mildly worried because I also want to have a social life, complete some job applications, escape Bad Things, experience the world (and it's just so easy to avoid All The Things, until it gets really bad). On balance, though, skipping my morning meds because I was just ... so ... sleepy was definitely counterproductive.

I'm going to set a timer to finish having coffee and maybe a small food (I'm hungry, but I don't want to cook or to get stuck in a chores-loop.) When it goes off, I'm going to gather up my things so I can be productive out and about, shower and change, go get fancy gluten-free French toast because I want it, message some people I want to talk to / spend time with, and try to be somewhere interesting in its own right that also allows me to get work done, like a library.

We shall see how it goes.
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Today I went to a job fair. Read more... )

I made time to leave the building and walk around so I didn't start to panic. It turned out that there is an animal shelter right across the street and next to Starbucks. I got to go see the kitties in their social room.

I came in and knelt down to say hello and immediately had a lap full of a white-and-tortie who purred and rubbed her head upside down on my hands and turned around and around on my lap and insisted I skritch her chin. Her name is Bianca and she will probably be adopted soon which is good because she is made of 110% pure melting-white-chocolate-and-caramel loving sweetness. I said hi to some other kitties too but Bianca made me so happy.

I left a donation for the shelter; they are doing good. I think I did my afternoon round of the tables while wearing cat hair, and I'm glad because I needed that boost of comfort.
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Today I am grateful for:

Apple blossom on spring trees

Sunlight, oceans of golden warmth and sunlight

Bark fiber and other natural materials

The experience of being curious about nature and crafting with natural materials


Especially, the small garden bed at my building appropriated by me for herbs and greens; that now has fallen-branch trellises held together with pine sap, strips of recycled brown paper, handmade bark-fiber twine, and flexible twigs in a wicker-like twist; we'll see which works best, but my bet is on the fiber+pine sap. I like to make things.

cut for brainweasels, but this is actually another gratitude
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Not-so-grateful but journalish
Angst about anxiety and autistic social spoons Read more... )

more gratefulness

the published works of Martha Wells, Diane Duane, C.J. Cherryh, and others

fanfic of the above writers' universes
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via [personal profile] bookblather:

As April 1st approaches, I hearby pledge not to post any pranks, false links, or screamers. Nothing originating on this blog will be a prank or deliberately incorrect. If I repost or link to other people’s pranks, which I may, they will be clearly marked so you don't click on them and think they're real.

Stay safe out there, my lovelies! WE have your back.

Signed, alatefeline
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I wrote a draft of something about FEEEELINGS and then decided it needed to stay a draft for now.

Instead, have some linkylinks!

Awesome stuff: Read more... )

For Srs: Read more... )

Hope someone feels like reading some of these, but if not, oh well.

Recent fannish things:

Watched the first episode of Umbrella Academy. Can see why the fannishness. Not inclined to discuss it right now due to being unable to untangle feelings about show from feelings about watching shows with people.

Got more small pointy tools for woodwork and more recycled ceramic bits and bobs for plant pots, and a weird metal doodad I'm going to put on a necklace. (crafting/DIY/historical handiwork is fannish!)

Bounced around various authors in the library's ebook service without settling in to nest with one at the moment; I would like to be immersed in a series but I'm not sure what; maybe I'll reread Ann Leckie, I'm feeling in need of crunchy worldbuilding detail and alienated-but-caring protagonists.

Read some Young Wizards fanfic, and wished there was more of it.

Squeed about dinosaurs. (More feeeeelings, why.)


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