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Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. You can call me by the name I use on other platforms on those platforms. I prefer they/them pronouns.

More about me below the cut.

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Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button.

Regarding comments: Yes, please. Don't be a jerk on purpose and please do tell me if I am being a jerk because it is probably by accident. EDIT: If I sound like I'm telling you to shut up via hint, no, I just failed my social skills check. If I want you to go away I will tell you that and then block stuff. If you want me to go away / not comment on a certain thing / in a certain way I WILL, IF I understand that that is what you are telling me. I am working pretty hard on figuring out how to do this online social life thing and I do screw up sometimes. I tend to post links with lots of thinkythoughts and I don't always give enough context, that is another thing to work on.

Regarding quoting/remixing something I made: Go ahead. It would be nice if you included a credit/link back.
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Draft of a short poem in couplets, fulfilling my plan to update in poetry or fic on a weeklyish basis. Not sure if I like this one or not; critique specific or general is welcome.

The Autumn Comes Uncertainly To School

A leaf at rest on end of branch is torn
Pulled loose by clutch of child’s hand forlorn.

With dragging feet and dancing feet and all
Come littles five years young to line the hall.

The leaves in yellow fall from branch to ground;
The children sing - or wait for songs unfound.
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For those of you celebrating (the lead up to) Rosh Hashanah, or (the season following) Mabon, and/or any other special events in late September / early October, may the occasion be a blessing for you and yours.

Thanks to people on the internet for being voices of hope and sympathy and challenge and joy and generally awesome things. You know who you are - I hope. I’m glad you’re here.

And I’m sorry that almost everyone who has interacted extensively with me lately has gotten splashed with my angst and arrrrgh and stress. I will try to tone it down. (If you’re still here, thanks for not vanishing. If you did vanish and come back, welcome to my experience of interactions. If you vanished for good, well how are you reading this, teach me, I want to know.)

Among recent pluses:

+ I made echinacea-elderberry tea! And emergen-C drink! And hotted up apple cider with cinnamon and orange-spice mix in it! All the drinky things that still taste good with no sense of smell, yay!

+ Having peppermint oil on hand. Useful around the house and in home remedies, it also has the advantage of being …smellable? odorific? (What’s the equivalent of visible and audible here?) even through blocked sinuses, and I LIKE the smell.

+ Electricity in my den (aka apartment). I do like being able to plug in and charge my tech as needed, and make food and beverages, and take showers, and turn a light on at night if I need to, without hauling wood or chopping water, etc, etc. (Self-deprecating rant removed here.)

+ Rereading (and re-watching, re-listening, etc). Sometimes it’s just what one needs in order to have a predictably good experience. Sometimes it reveals new nuances. Sometimes it offers a touchstone of insight or wisdom or morality or endurance in difficult times. Sometimes all of the above.

+ Wikipedia. Sometimes you just need a fast, extensive, crowd-sourced reference whether or not it’s reliable, cite-able, or bias-checked.

Also I got all the dishes done while making the above mentioned tea, because it was too irritating to wash just one mug. I’m not counting this as a plus because of reasons.

And I’m looking forward to clean warm laundry. I may just dump it out on the bed so I can cuddle it, even though it isn't actually cold out yet.

Yet…*goes outdoors to stare pleadingly at remaining pleasant weather*
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Today I am grateful for:
…A being amazing
…S being superb
…days off that include pancakes
…benches near gardens and sunshine
…cozy warm blankets and lots of sleep

Also for:
…OTC decongestants

NOT for:
…sinus infections
…working myself too hard
…extra helpings of near-meltdown over breakfast

Looking forward to:
…herbal tea
…more sleep
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I'm really quite glad that it is Friday evening.

This week I am grateful for:

- a working coffee maker

- a purse small enough to carry with me that still fits my phone and wallet

- sunlight

- green space around the school

- the occasional hot shower

Whew. Tired.
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Arrival. At last. Awkward. Awesome. Antlers.
Birds. Barnacles. Beginnings. Backtracking.
Creek. Coast. Coffee. Conversation. Comparisons.
Departures. Differences. Driving. Dogs. Driftwood.
Forest. Fog. Family.
Gas stations. Greetings. Gulls. Green land. Golden light. Grilled cheese.
Haystock Rock. Hera of my heart. Hugs.
Interesting. Intriguing.
Lunch. Looming landscape.
Mist. Morning. Mussel shell. Mystery.
Not sure. Necessary. Novelty. Nuance.
Ocean. Outdoors. Out of bounds.
Paths. Pelicans. Petting. Photography.
Questions. Queerness.
Rain. Route. Road. River. Running.
Sand. Surf. Seaside. Shells. Sand dollars. Splash. Swim. Sunset. Sunburn (ouch).
Tide. Tidal pools. Tourist town. Tsunami evacuation route. Trees.
Walking. Wading. Wet.
Yawns. Yards. Yearning. Yes.
Zephyrs. Zoonosis (hopefully not). Zest for life.
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Bits of my messages this week:

Telling a sad kindergarten boy that's it is totally fine to feel sad if his friend did not pick him in a circle game, but he doesn't get to tell off his friend for not picking him. Reminding him that other people did want to play with him, too. Telling a sad kindergarten girl that she can always decide who to pick or play with, and that people do feel sad when they don't get picked, but she does NOT have to say sorry for not picking him, because it is her choice.

Reminding kids that we all like to have a turn and it makes people feel good when we choose to play with them, but nobody should try to make you play with them.

Also, it is never okay for someone to hurt you. If someone did hit you, it is not okay, we want to make sure you feel safe and figure out how to keep the other kid from doing it again. And they need to take responsibility for changing their behavior and for checking that you going to be okay.

But ... you also don't want to try to get the attention of and be in close physical proximity to someone you know might hit you. And it is good to help your friends when they are sad, but if they are sad because the markers are being put away and they do not want to strop drawing, it doesn't really help much to give them a marker.

Also, someone hurting you, getting hurt, or running in an unsafe way is a big problem. Someone else looking at a book you want to read is a small problem, and you need to try a choice or two like sharing, waiting your turn, making a deal, or choosing another activity before you decide that it's a problem you need to fix. And it's not okay to try to grab things you want out of someone's hands, and they might get mad if you're grabbing.

Being calm when someone else is not calm is a very cool thing to do, and people will be impressed that you helped things to stay under control. However, if someone does something to you you don't like, you can say "Stop. I don't like that." in a loud clear voice.

And it is okay to feel mad or sad and say so! But there are good and not-good ways to handle that.

You are responsible for making good choices for yourself. You can help other people and be caring to them, too, but you have to make sure that you are okay and safe first.

(I welcome disagreement, agreement, refining nuances, etc. This is what I've been trying to say, model, and live up to. My results have been mixed and I am not perfect by any means. In particular, I have trouble being completely calm, though I generally manage *mostly* calm as long as there are fewer crises under my eye than I have the ability to track, when someone is doing something not safe and there is no entirely safe way to convince them to stop or to nullify the situation. I'm working on it.)
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Note to self: The Internet is not your village; it's more like a city library. Behave politely.
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Recent gratitudes include:

Looking at almost full moon glowing in a soft pink twilight sky;

Reading a few new books by an author I like;

Listening to classical music on the radio;

Talking to people who gave me verbal kudos on a tough day;

Hugging my partner S for cozy cuddles;

Feeling the splash of cool water on my face, so refreshing when tired and stressed;
Noms and beverages, including adult beverage, under cut: Read more... )

Relaxing because it is Friday;

Smiling for no particular reason;

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The Columbia Gorge is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
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I have noticed myself struggling to be positive, so I’m choosing to refocus.

1. I accomplished a LOT of chores today. I picked up the bedroom; got the papers on the table roughly organized so we could use the table; washed, dried, and put away two batches of dishes; helped with laundry; repotted a plant; wiped down counters and tidied in the kitchen; took out the trash; and some odds and ends. I can’t feel it now, but that does matter - it does make a positive difference for me and S to be living in a nicer, healthier, and more organized enrviornment.

2. I enjoyed swinging on the swings at the park in the glorious sunshine. It’s notable that my dizziness was low enough I could actually have fun going up high and soaring back down! It was great, I don’t get nearly enough free fall.

3. My wonderful S made plain lentils and rice for dinner, which was my request - I’ve been craving something simple with legumes. Good with some sliced fresh veggies and soy sauce. Good doesn’t have to be complicated.

4. Tomorrow we are going to the forest to hike and look at the scenery! I’m glad we got together to actually PLAN.

5. You folks. Updates and pics and geekery and cat photos. Thank you for being there.
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Ginger cookie.

Green lights on morning commute.

Enough clear tape to tape things for now.

People who listen.

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Demifiction: Letter To A Super Hurrah

While reading the comments and discussion around a new story featuring Ashley in the Polychrome Heroics setting - thank you Ysabetwordsmith and siliconshaman and everyone - I was struck by the impulse to write fan mail to the superherx characters … in character as a kid in that universe. So I did. :) This will probably make NO sense if you don't follow that original fiction setting, so considered yourself duly warned... Edits to come, probably.


(Paper mailed to Ashley Maddison c/o Easy City SPAZMAT, a week or so after the events of "Chase” by siliconhaman. Written on decorative notebook paper with dancing skeletons, carefully written in purple fine-tip marker over a pencil draft. Yes, I know it’ll take some doing for Ashley to read it without disintegrating it … but Kaytee doesn’t know that for sure yet.)


Dr MS A-s-H-l-e-y-

Dear Ms. Ashley,

I said you on the news and you so cool and smart. And strong and you wear pretty clothes. Because my mama says that you are a super hurrah and you saved the butterfly girl from the kid nabbers. And I like butterflies and cats and my favorite is the black widow spider and the ladybug and crickets and katydids because they are my name and also wasps because they put eggs in the caterpillars ALIVE! And I studied the berettaflies for my insects projects and I did an extra poem and two drawings because I could not put an alive or a close up photograph insect in the poured folio. Here is a drawing of a berettafly for you, next time my mama will skin my good drawing with the skinner at her work so I can keep it but now this is only a drawing on the tablet my mama’s tablet.

I think you are SO COOL and you are AW SOME and I think it is so pretty your clothes that you wear because they are the scary kind of bountiful. I want to be a super hurrah like you when I grow up.

Love Kaytee

(Anyone know how I attach a picture in Dreamwidth? *goes looking*)


The exact date is up to working out! And events referenced vaguely as in the news / discussed by a random adult in NOLA can be modified, if they aren’t publicly known.

The basic idea is that this is a rising third grader, quite gifted in some ways and lagging behind peers in others, who loves dark and slightly scary and “too old for you” things like gory information about insects but is basically a happy, innocent kid, and her “wanna grow up to be you” squish (is this correct usage?) on Ashley, a dark superhera who deserves more fans.
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If you EVER listen to music go listen to this, it is THE AMAZE.

"The future has a place--"
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Survived. Once we got the parents out the doors, nobody even cried. Or injured anyone else, or got injured, or went missing for longer than two minutes in the bathroom. And I think the kids had fun. We even might've learned something. Win.
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I love wols! For those of you who insist on standard spelling, also known as owls. Once again, please give credit to the intrepid [personal profile] cmcmck and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for inspiring me to dive down a research rabbit hole. Except it’s more of a burrowing owl hole this time, though I didn’t really focus on those.

Some wols in my vicinity:

Washington Owls
(Lengthy text with pictures; pictures are labeled with some description.)

Oregon Owls
(Lengthy chart of text with one pictures per species, includes species names and links to audio of calls; pictures are labeled but not extensively described.)

There’s lots more! Read more... )

Anyway, hoot hoot hoot hoot! I had fun looking all this up.
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This is brief, though I have more on the topic. For explanation, suffice it to say that I have driven to and from my new workplace for three days now, plus errands and meals in the area of my workplace, and I have gotten lost, at least to the extent of taking a couple of wrong turns and needing to check a map, *every single trip.* And I'm not bothered by that. Read more... )
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I choose to focus on gratitude not to diminish the importance of bad things in our world, but to strengthen myself to fight them and to create good things.

- I read and/or was recommended some good kid's books recently.
- On a related note, while labeling book bins, I carefully recolored picture labels to add more diverse skin tones, hair styles, and clothing to characters, and am working on adding adaptive equipment and gender diversity as I continue to label; this may or may not actually make a small difference in this specific instance, but it helps me to keep my brain in a useful gear.
- The sun continues to be gorgeous.
- Some fall-crop plants have germinated in my garden.
- I got to look at Mt. Hood the other day.
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Trigger warning: violent death, intersecting systemic injustices Read more... )

PS: This is a rough response. Please, if there are important new stories I've missed, feel free toa dd links. (There are so many.)


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