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Food, beverages, joys, and difficulties under cut

A joyful gratitude for efforts towards inclusion working in the seamless invisible ripple of such things going well, when the jaded adult is the only one who sees the incongruity in the children making perfectly reasonable choices that were hard won to be chosen. When the circle dance spins with feet and chair wheels together, and the bathroom kids go to is a choice freely made and not a trap, and everyone has headphones that work whether or not they wear a hearing aid, and 'it fills my bucket to be with my teacher and my friends and my family' seems a little closer to staying true for always than it does other days.

A soundly smashed glass for outright ingratitude, when things are a mess because people don't listen.

An aching gratitude for clever children doing clever limit-testing things.

A sour grouchy sort of gratitude for the burning sensation of damnwell learning from a screw-up that wasn't even particularly avoidable given the givens but will be specifically avoided henceforth.

Hard cider after a difficult day. Coffee after an uncaffeinated morning. Dense protein when I'm hungry. Delivery boxes of veggies. Spinach full of green leafy minerally vitaminny goodness.

A image of ashes falling and rising above thundering waters, and goodbye forever, and hello always.

Books. My friends, books.

And hello you folks reading, friends and strangers. Thanks.
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