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cut for length; contains positives including food, self-care, and moments at the school job

touching and feeling:

+ some of my seashell collection, the sturdy, curving, smooth, sea-polished, gently ribbed and layered ones that are so nice to hold in my hands and pet

+ a warm cleansing shower

+ a breath of organizational/emotional/ambient fresh air in the classroom after the kids got really enthusiastic about cleaning tables with soapy water and rags in anticipation of parents at our kindergarten publishing party

hearing and listening:

+ bouzouki chimes, bagpipe trills, and drum beats (not all at once though) on various songs recommended to me by friends

smelling and tasting:

+ the warm peachy scent of S's lovely hair beside me; somehow her hair transmutes all floral or herbal shampoos into peaches <3

+ clean minty just-brushed taste

+ tart mild yellow mango

seeing and watching:

+ glimpses of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood in soft blue just-post-sunset light

+ a purple crocus brought to school by a six year old, blooming at the end of the school day in a cup of water I found for her... She showed it to my co-teacher at the beginning of the day and her mom at the end... Right to start with I had to explain that it was okay it was all wet, the flower needed to drink just like she was drinking her apple juice for breakfast. (ETA: This is Play Outside Kid, who no longer screams at the end of EVERY recess and is beginning to be okay with SOME flex in the schedule, and who sometimes talks to other kids and has a bit of a conversation now. Yay!) <3 <3 <3
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