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My sibling and their partner came to visit. It was excellent. We went hiking.

Food, health, stressful topics
Making slow progress on figuring out how to food sans gluten and mostly sans dairy. My performance at actually finding reasonable food choices is notably trailing my conceptual understanding of what I can eat without a bad reaction. (No suggestions right now please; I have much more access to info than I have ability to actually process and apply said info right now.)

One more week with kids at School Job, several days of clean up and professional development, then off fore a month ish and I need to do Summer Projects like job-hunting, sorting out back taxes, major cleaning etc that take so much spoons I ca't when I have work. Hoping to be able to do that an still feel marginally more relaxed/healthy but I dunno.

Worried about things. Sad about some stuff. Happy we had such a good visit. Wish I had another weekend to actually rest.
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