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I’m back from Pride. I’m glad I went, but I am very tired and my main impression of the last like five hours is ‘continuous overwhelm.’ On the plus side I went and I did not melt down though I did a lot of blinking with a blank stare while not really fully processing. And I ran into several people that were good to run into.


Many good things today. The next one of them will be getting some water and some hopefully fully edible food into my body, so yeah.


About KT Tape: Thank you to everyone who discussed it, recommended it, used it, tried it, looked for an alternative to it, etc in my reading-bubble. I got some and I got a free demo of it applied to my shoulder and it seems to be a good helpful thing. We’ll see.


About art: if anyone feel inspired to make an art piece in any medium based on my recent post about art, or any of my posts, please feel free to go ahead. Any art you make is all yours and I acknowledge that, and I will be delighted that I’ve inspired you, should that in fact be the case. Should you be hoping I will be a customer, please know I am unlikely to be able to commission / purchase a fully developed artwork for anything like what it’s worth. However I am extremely likely to support many many artists and writers, over time, to the tune of a cup of overpriced coffee, which is my metric for remotely feasible spending. And more than I ought to spend as often as I in fact do so, but creative work is important.


Also about art: I have realized that many of physical creative projects I like best are a collaborative effort with nature and/or found objects that provide a shaping effect on the result but don't predetermine it, not working with a blank slate. Like making nature blocks from chunks of scrap wood and assorted sticks, or sand sculptures, or shell jewelry. Or beading with tumbled stones. Or gardening, in a sense. Or adding color, curlicues, and reinterpeted symbolism to simply line drawn shapes and signs. Writing is different but also draws on experience to provide context and rich detail. Though I do enjoy clay and fingerpaint and oil pastels - texture-rich things. And life sketching with pencils or charcoals. And I haven't practiced some of these in years. Huh. I wonder why.
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