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cut for sadmadcat swearing about things Stuff back here got kinda out of hand while I was gone, in ways that aren't readily immediately fixable. *facepalm* The garden wasn't watered, in midsummer! The dishes weren't washed. My live-in partner is having SERIOUS bad brain weather in new and exciting ways. And we got mail saying basically 'congratulations we hate you and want to take away your health insurance', which I DO NOT want to discuss further at this time, but it'll give you an idea of baseline stress and ratchets on it. What else even?! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Why do I expect anything to function.

Okay. Deep breath. Good things.

It is a gorgeous sunny day with blue sky. And not too hot, amazingly!

I petted a cat and a catling on my walk, and photographed the catling and his shyer sibling while rassling, sunning, and chasing butterflies. Adorable x millions!

I feel physically good-ish, apart from being hungry, upset, tense, and something wrong with my shoulder - but I don't feel ill, which is good because it means I'm starting to get a handle on food and not-a-food. Also the stuff I put on bug damage seems to be helping. And I can have a shower when I want one. This is very good. And I am awake and not totally losing it or out of spoons. I'm ... not happy, but I'm not wrecked either. And I have water I can drink and food I can eat. That will do, dangit, because I'll make it do.

So many flowers in Portland, almost always! Roses are current, and many daisy-like things, and these enormous purple pointy flowers on vines.

You folks on the internet keep sharing lovely fiction and art and personal stories and virtual hugs, and it keeps me connected. Thanks.

Did I mention it is a really beautiful day?
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