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Complaining catperson complaining about things that could be worse, feel free to skip.




Body weirdness, brain weirdness, food issues, stress.

I tried to go Do Things today and was too tired / brainfogged / dizzy / ouchy to drive the car well or safely or to feel like I had energy to do physical stuff. So I did a smart thing and turned around after one errand that was not the important thing I wanted to do and and got back safe-but-exhausted and then I slept all afternoon. Then a short walk and a very few chores which are not enuffffffffffff, and I don't feel able to food properly (yes I will have *something* but the minimum okay???) because I tried to food today to fix the not-a-food yesterday and it made me feel worse. But I WANTED and in fact I TRIED to go garden and finish my garden volunteer hours and get Important Stuff in the mail and work on paperwork while drinking tea at the cafe and be outside in the sunlight and do yoga. And I am a mad because I wanted to get to go do productive things and is not fair... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

(No thank you for 'have you tried this' type advice; sympathy welcome.)

I am going to hydrate with lots lots water and put Moana on (if I can figure out Netflix) and/or maybe soothing music, and set and alarm for tomorrow morning, and NOT do chores that require leaving my apartment for more than 5-minutes-ish. Because seriously f**k this.
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