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'ohana, (writing parenthetical asides), activism, alexander james adams, alice's restaurant anti-massacre movement, alien worlds, animals, art, asimov, astronomy, autism, babylon 5, being a bookworm, being the cool aunt, biking, bill of rights, biology, books, bradbury, bujold, cat people, cat rescue, cats, celtic, classical, climate change, community, conservation, conversation, creativity, cycling, d&d, digressions, djembe, dogs, dr. who, dragons, dreams, eccentrics, editing, education, enthusiasm, environment, ethics, etymology, faeries, family of choice, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy poetry, felines, feminism, fiction, filk, firefly, folk lore, folklore, freedom, gardening, geek girls, geeks, gender studies, gender-neutral pronouns, genderqueer, geocaching, glbt, grok, growth, headology, hiking, history, hugs, ice cream, imagination, intelligence, intentional community, intersectional feminism, languages, learning, lgbtqia, linguistics, literature, logic, magic, mental health, minor characters, misfit kitties, mochas, music, mythology, myths, narrativium, native american, nature, neil gaiman, neologisms, neurodivergence, neurodiversity, nonfiction, paganism, pan narrans, peace, pern, plants, poetry, pottery, progressivism, public transport, radio drama, reading, renaissance faires, rocks, roleplaying, s. j. tucker, saving the world, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science fiction poetry, self-discovery, sense8, sketching, smart people, space travel, spaceship earth, spontaneous dance parties, star trek, storms, syntropy, teaching, tesla, thinking, tricky pixie, universe, used bookstores, vegetarianism, vegetarians, verbal self-defense, weapons-grade vocabularies, weirdness, where i came from, where i'm going, wildlife, wordplay, world building, writing, xenolinguistics, yardening
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