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Hey friends and passers-by!

A friend of mine has recently taken in a kid (and their pet turtle) whose family lost (scary info) Read more... ) Said friend is good people. Said friend is also an artisan and an artist! Pictures and details under the cut. Read more... ) Either way, so much love!
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I can’t even begin to accept this, but I have to believe it. Now … I try to put together the pieces of my life with an added shadow of fear. And start researching moving abroad. Seriously.

If we’re killed in a nuclear war or someone tries to round up dissenters, I was glad to have known you all.

If, as I fear is more likely, the creeping shadow of a dystopia that is crueler and more unequal to more people than ever before takes over … I think know where my lines are drawn for my personal actions, but I'd better put it in ink because things are going to get harder.

And I won’t be quiet about what I believe is right, ever, in the small scale or the large. What has speaking calmly and trying to get along bought us tactically? Slow starvation of essential resources. So that’s my resolution now: be loud.

Those many people, likely to include some of my loved ones and me, just about to arrive at too ‘discriminated against to be able to live a good life’ will have some damn fine company among those who have been living on that edge forever.

This is going to be hellish to live through and nobody knows what if anything is on the other side.


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