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Today I held two cockatiels and petted three cats, including one who is basically a silken sofa cushion and who lets the birdies perch on him.
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Thanks, friends, for recommending things - and for making things!

I've been reading rather a lot, as a way to de-stress. Gorgeous, queer, friendship-centric, wtf-romantic, fiction about love and helping people and coping with screwups. A few rereads of familiar novels and some snippets of fic I've read over and over. And a book about plants. But nonetheless, it has been a busy weekend, and I'm wondering where it went.
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cut for length; contains positives including food, self-care, and moments at the school job
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Need a little art against oppression in your Monday? [personal profile] siliconshaman is taking prompts for 500-word ficlets, in any of their original universes or fandoms, and you can get MORE GOODEEZ for just a dollar or by boosting the signal.

Go ye forth and leave prompts!


Also, I'll be listening to my Bone Walker CD on repeat in the car this week. It goes along with a very cool series of fantasy books, but it's also just a great mix of energizing flavors from traditional sea chanties to instrumental dances to a wildly energetic nerdcore remix of said dance music. The lead musician is also blogging extremely useful news updates for the resistance, here on Dreamwidth. Dara Korra'ti is a self-identified principled supervillian and one of the most badass people I've had the pleasure to listen to.


ETA: For anyone using a screen reader, the following links may be more compatible, if you wish to get a taste of the music.

Content advisory: May contain supervillains, creepy monsters creeping up, snatches of story, traditional ballads with their silly sexism, brief ableist language in the form of commonly used metaphors, politically aware perspective pointing out that things really suck, deeply nerdy concepts, musical genre puree, epically noisy instruments, sounds that send shivers up my spine, and other scattered things.

Direct link to album:

YouTube examples:

So there's a thing!
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I was all out of choices
But the Woman Of Voices
She came round the corner
With music around her…

…And she said
‘I’m so glad you finally made it here
With all the things you know now
That only time could tell…’

— From: lyrics 'to You're Aging Well', originally by Dar Williams (thanks comments!), Leela & Ellie Grace, self-titled CD.

I am grateful to the following scattered assortment of filk and folk musicians for being the soundtrack that got me through my week: Kerry Stanley, Steve Savitsky, Leela Grace & Ellie Grace, Leslie Fish, and all their friends and musical associates.

Cut for length: Read more... )

And THANK YOU to my dad for giving me the music bug in the first place. *wink*

(Apologies that I haven’t gone through and sorted out better formatting and alt-text for links; I think I’d never post this if I did; I’ll try to come back and edit it later.)

Apologies again; first edit didn't take, let's see if this does...
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I am arranging a small pile of objects. Please come and add one to the arrangement, if you wish.

They need not be physically present in either of our immediate surroundings, but they must be real to you.

For a substrate, let's use a recently cleaned wood floor. It's golden and smooth and slightly irregular and older than my current body but not as old as the trees in the park.

I begin by placing a small sand dollar from the Oregon Coast. It is white, very roughly the diameter of a U.S. quarter or a euro coin, and has a five-petaled star formed by intersecting loops as its main pattern.
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home safe* in Portland now

*(for values of ‘safe’ which include ‘while not personally and immediately menaced at this time, live in a dystopian country run by fascists and could therefore be in terrible trouble at a moment’s notice’)

good weekend

thank you hosts, thank you filkers, thank you friends, thank you fandom

very tired, work tomorrow, will update again when awake and have words

Have new sign off (thank you m'lady of filksign):

Remember: Resist.
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Peoplefolk, the artists of the internet worlds can be so generous and amazing.

I wish to highlight the talents and thoughtfulness of the amazing [personal profile] ratcreature!

While wandering around my network (as one does (right?)) I stumbled upon a thread offering to draw quick sketches based on one's interest list. I posted a brief remark. And then I got a gorgeous pencil sketch!

Image below cut: Read more... )
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Sooooo I watched the leaked episodes of Steven Universe that are for January (maybe early February too?) and now I really really really want to scream about my fandom. Also critique, because there were some things that were issues, but mostly squee and scream. So I am making a post with screened comments so we can shriek and not spoiler anyone who hasn't seen them or bother people who don't care for SU. Please feel free to join me.

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Chameleon Moon, by Roanna Sylver, is post-apolocalyptic fantasy with a superb diverse cast of found family, all damaged, all talented, all beautifully strange. Including an not-exactly human ace protagonist who I would totally hug if he was okay with that and make cookies for and things.

From the author's blog:
" " Author of The Chameleon Moon Series! The Most Hopeful Dystopia You've Ever Heard Of. (Dys-Hope-ia, You Might Say.) A really cool book about a cast of entirely LGBT, chronically ill and disabled people with super-abilities trapped in a burning, nightmare city; being powerful; being amazing, and SURVIVING. " "

Buy the book here (I know Amazon has many badwrong things about it, so feel free to seek elsewhere, but this book is amaaaaaazing, and also I will lend it to you if you don't have three dollars).

Author's page (has spooooooiiiilers):

Friends who are more informed on disability, ace, and/or POC matters than I am, please please please feel free to critique. But this book hit so many of my queer Aspie feeeeeeeelings that I am incoherent. *flails*
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At the moment, I am grateful for numerous things.

Cool people to hang out with, online and offline, who have enough in common with me to be empathetic and enough differences from me to be exciting. A broad, variable band that partly depends on how far *they* will push their comfort zone and how far *I* will, but one that does exist and is significant. Also, the fact that I explicitly chose, and pushed myself, and asked for help in achieving, and was aware of strategies for, getting to know the communities (DW, gaming group, etc) and modes of social interaction that are currently happening in my life; I did the work and it is mostly working.

Kittycat socks.

Noms and sips. Physical self-care. Movement practice. Read more... )

Plans that capitalize on rather than trying to get around my preference for having functional routines.

Stories and poems and songs, oh my!
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I got to pet SEVEN cats today. And to visually admire three more. KITTTIES!!!

Four cats on our morning walk. One was Neighbor Calico Cat. She was missing last week and she found her way home and is well and friendly and likes to trill at people until they pet her! One was Porch Cat. He sat in my lap and smooshed his head into my chest and purred at me and mwrowped when I had to put him back in his cat bed on the porch. One was a gray Persian mix (I think; he had the wrinkled-y skin and slightly curly long hair, but not the face) who dropped by on the sidewalk and gently bit my hand to critique my petting efforts but also purred at me. One was a plump orange tabby-pattern with the extra-furry cheeks like a lynx; he chewed on some yard plants instead while I was petting him. I think I may have met both of them before, but I'm not sure.

Two cats on the way over to a friend's place. One was a black cat sitting and watching her humans wash a car. She came over to say hi. One was a dark gray tabby-pattern sitting on top of a car. He deigned to descend as far as the back of the car to be petted.

One at AT said friend's place. He is gray with a white nose blaze and tummy and paws, he is an incredibly soft and fluffy longhair, he has a little bowtie on his collar, and he likes to sit on his cat-tree and dangle a paw over the edge. SOOOO FLUFFY.

...Oh, yeah, I was brave and socially competent and went to game day at M&AA's apartment and positively interacted with humans and played games. BUT ALSO THERE WERE KITTIES!
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I am heading to Orycon now, if anyone would like to meet up. I'll be at mdlbear's concert at 1pm Sat, and around the rest of Sat, and I'll be back Sun. Please feel free to reply, and/or PM me if you want my wallet name / physical description. I'm wearing cat ears, a rainbow cap, a dinosaur T-shirt and a plaid long-sleeve shirt at the moment. :D

ETA: Everyone who likes fandom and/or music should listen to the shiny shiny filk people who were there. And watch [personal profile] solarbird perform live in stompy kaiju slippers, this is AMAAAAAZE.
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Remember, taking care of oneself, of loved ones, and of other vulnerable people is a way of fighting back. Identifying things that go right and feel good builds mental and emotional strength and resilience.

Some good things in the last day or so (includes food, beverages, sleep issues, school job, political action, books): Read more... )
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New books read and enjoyed recently. Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, Kai Ashante Wilson. Penric’s Mission, Lois McMaster Bujold. And many more, but those are recent and I can manage to be organized enough to remember titles and such. I think. (ETA: Nope, but I fixed it.)

A slight change to my route home means that on sunny days I routinely get a really good view of the snowy, gleaming, light-draped slopes of Mt. Hood, with or without cloud caps higher up. Gorgeous!

A chance to catch my breath, in a couple of different forms (a no-kids work day at School Job; the weekend here at home; extra sleep.)

Writing ideas. Not sure if I’ll find the energy to make them actually *happen* but it’s nice to know my brain isn’t permanently flattened, just (surprise!) out of cope when I run it to “there is no spoon” over and over during the work week. Last week was marginally less stressful, yay. And so my brain began dropping bits of character dialogue for fanfics and things. Is a happy and I refuse to make it a worry because creative thinking is good even if it is quite distinct from creative production. Also my response to “where is the good fanfic for this show?” is “I guess I can try to write some when I have time” which … I like that response and want to encourage it.

You. Yes you. People who post things I like to read and/or read things I post. You make my life better.

Also, belatedly: Toasting ‘absent friends’ with S on Samhain. We may not have a lot of time but we can for gods’ sake observe the wheel turning. And Dia de los Muertos related art and discussions with kids about remembering the good things at school!

Tired but pleased. Hanging in there. Would like brownie points from the universe for not going splat but recognize I have to give them to myself (and to friends with even more splat-worthy days than I have). Oh and no more daylight savings time will prrrrrobably help me for a week or so, because whyyyyy dark whyyyyyyyyy. Oh! And pizza!

ETA: And coffee and sunbeams and walkies and kitties and dogs. <3
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Happy fall! Happy Hallowe'en to those celebrating the USA National Cosplay & Candy Night. A blessed Samhain to those observing the occasion.

Some good things recently...

Food, school job, some body stuff under cut: Read more... )

People who will squee about fandom with me and people who will also point out problematic stuff in said fandom, especially when those are the same people.
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We ... are the Crystal Gems ...

I blew through watching ALL the shows to date in about a week and now I have to waaaaaaaaaiiiiit.

(And collect links to fanfics and fanart).

...I might have bookmarked a countdown to the next show's runtime. By which I mean I DEFINITELY did.


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