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well timed tears

Mt. Hood in sunlight over the shoulder of Mt. Tabor

my mom being awesome

time off

having strategies and prep for Things and recognizing that they apply

long sunlit hours


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Some wonderful things from the last few days:

- Plants growing up through the cracks in the concrete including: red clover, wheatgrass, sorrel, spiny lettuce aka sundial plant, dandelion.

- The scents of: honeysuckle hedges, assorted rose blossoms.

- Cherries, raspberries, and cloudberries fruiting. Figs, plums, and blackberries almost ripe.

- Bumblebees buzzing in flowers and the flowers flopping sideways with the weight of the bee and this is perfectly fine and an okay thing.

- Sounds of: bumblebees and honeybees buzzing around; birds shouting at each other; wind on the water in the river.

- A bag of small offcut pieces of local wood for making kids' blocks, handed to me when I stopped to look at the trash of a furniture artist. *happyflap*

- Pride jewelry including some patterns I've wistfully imagined for a long time.

- People in my online liking my ideas enough to run with them. It is so surprising and neat!

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I am SO PROUD of my kindergarteners. Today they graduated to first grade! I cried of course. I got lots of hugs and some really sweet reactions/recognition from parents. And I am SO READY for it to be summer - these couple of days of clean up and professional development cannot go fast enough. And, thankfully, there WILL BE summer meals at school, and summer activities. And we got a lot done! And they have grown so much. Oh my gods. *sniff*
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Good corner for composting, useful earthworms, access to comfrey leaves, and good soil. I have already composted and harvested and spread compost from a batch of weeds I pulled when I got the plot in April; it is ridiculously quick. Slugs tho ... I'm ambivalent about slugs.

Working water tap and hose are not far from bed. Toolshed is very convenient (right across path!) and contains some useful tools including larger items I couldn't really realistically buy. Usable porta-potty outside garden gate. Parking nearby. Picnic table under fig tree that is great for climbing. Great set-up, some issues but really good features.

Mostly polite neighbors in the other community beds, speaking at least 4 different languages.

Plants growing at the moment: pole beans, bush beans, tomatoes, corn, radishes, chamomile, lemon cucumber, melon, kale, chard, last year's mystery brassica going to seed, thyme, spinach shoots, garlic, strawberries, basil, basil, oregano, kinnikinnick, stevia, one tiny carrot leaf in the whole row, maybe more strawberries.

Already harvesting: radish thinnings, snips of thyme, foraged greens from neighboring untended beds, and STRAWBERRIES OM NOM.
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Chairs. Chairs are a very good for tired.

Beds. Also good.

Got food. Food I can eat. Yes.

Water. Properly filtered now with filter from store. Yes, so many chores we did. Yay water.

NOT grateful for brain not fully boot up all day, but okay. Grateful for at least not feeling BAD on top of not think properly; feel okay, just can hardly process, and body does not want to energy. Or heavy things - heavy things are a clear firm NO DO NOT I WILL MAKE YOU SORRY IF YOU DO THAT so I was good and did not do that today. Difficult. Thanks. Yes. I am grateful for S moved all the heavy groceries and laundry. S is good.

Garden yessss and the little plants. I cannot words. But happy yes plants.
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Quick good things from the last week or so, no order:

Garden plot, and things sprouting and growing.

People who stop to help strangers.

Guinea pig cuddle-squeaks.

Sunlight and finally being warm enough.

Access to water in some situations where it could've easily been unavailable.

... State of the me: still very stressed and exhausted, but hanging in there; good things help. And so do you; thanks for reading.
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Grateful for:

moments of courage

planning for effective help & mutual support with partner

sunshine and rain making things grow

completely ridiculous flowers

got my meds
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Grateful for:

magnolia trees in full bloom

beeswax from local-ish hives


hugs some from some of my students


iodized salt

One line snippet of writing (still trying!):
(Actually this is a snippet I like better from the other day. But I did write a sentence. STILL TRYING NOT GIVING UP. Although all weekend I wrote image descriptions for pictures of cute animals and extra research / student intervention notes for school, not fiction as planned, but it was different and relevant so OKAYS moving along.)

Awakening. Morning uncurls tendrils of slow sunlight wavering across the bed cover and the exhausted mother’s dark hair.
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This evening I am building a virtual blanket fort for anyone who wants to drop in. Be kind, and bring cozy things.

I'll start by piling up a huge supply of couch cushions in stacks to make the soft but firm walls of our fort, and draping rainbow fabric from high up so that people can enter the soft space at any height.

ETA: The blanket fort will continue for awhile, since people are having fun with it! Feel free to come and go as you please.
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I am reflecting gladly upon the following items:

… Cherry blossoms starting to crinkle open. Read more... )

… Daffodils.

I am, however, perturbed… ruffled… perhaps even peeved that my car stereo has declined to play CDs.

Small things. All I can handle is small things. Approximately ant sized.

… Make it a good ant, then? Well. I’ll try.
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Today I am grateful for kids who try their best, coworkers who have my back, and YOU for reading.

Apologies for recent oddities, if any, with appearing/disappearing posts; will try to sort this weekend when I can try to teach myself how to do access-lists, sigh, I dunwanna but oh well.

Oh, I am also grateful for the moon, the dark side of the moon, and purple clouds next to the moon. And cider and giant teddy bears and laughter and being very, very, very done for the day.
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I’m grateful for:

favorite CDs


sunset clouds

Internet access

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school job: Read more... )

very pleasant social time with some newer friends who are actually local and share many common interests

positive interactions with S, who had a day off
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I am grateful for:


chamomile tea


electric pencil sharpeners that actually work

clear lane striping and signage



ETA: Also for people who offer hugs when my day was not good. It was not good. But I am still grateful for good things. Including me being stubborn, which doesn't always help but it got me through some stuff.
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The birdcalls I recorded at a lake in Seattle, especially the red-winged blackbird's trill.

Sunlight and clouds and rain and mist and blue sky layering together in the sky, like a translucent blue-gray banded agate with streaks and flecks and swirls and a foggy glassy glow.

Clear bright raindrops silvering tree branches, golden rain-twilight turning streets into a sheen like antique pressed tin, moss a green so intense it's clearly flourescent, cool blue shadows, a narrow slice of clear blue sky spilling down refracted sunlight between wings of a building.

Soft microfiber blankets and generally not being cold.

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People who read and listen to what other people (like me) say. Thank you.
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I am arranging a small pile of objects. Please come and add one to the arrangement, if you wish.

They need not be physically present in either of our immediate surroundings, but they must be real to you.

For a substrate, let's use a recently cleaned wood floor. It's golden and smooth and slightly irregular and older than my current body but not as old as the trees in the park.

I begin by placing a small sand dollar from the Oregon Coast. It is white, very roughly the diameter of a U.S. quarter or a euro coin, and has a five-petaled star formed by intersecting loops as its main pattern.
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Grateful that (feelings, people, animals, and things including food)...Read more... )


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