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Well, today was in the nature of an experiment.

health stuff Today I rested when I needed to, ate fruits and veggies and nuts and absolutely no gluten, didn't take anything except my brainmeds. And I had the energy to walk around and garden and think properly (some of the time). I had some warning twinges from my joints and some grumbles from my digestion, but I feel almost normal. Compared to Friday or Sunday the change is VERY VERY marked. Compared to Saturday, when I could feel I was getting better but still had to lean on things when walking about a block, it's still quite marked. But! I'm still recovering, and yet I feel better than I did LAST MONDAY after resting all weekend, but last weekend I wasn't eating / not eating anything in particular. I know myself enough to connect some dots, even if anything approaching rigorous results would need more time and more data. So: definite yes on 'wheat/gluten is a problem', definite yes on Benadryl making things very much worse and I shouldn't take it, and I'm going to be watching for my reactions to dairy, to corn, to sugar, and to various OTC allergy meds. NOPE NOPE NOPE to Benadryl. And I'm not prepared to really do the whole gluten-free thing properly, BUT I'm going to see how many days I can get through while eating ONLY the food that I know makes me feel like I have a functional brain and body. At least forgetting what I had and haven't bought means I stocked up really thoroughly on nuts and seeds. *wry face* I'll just have to keep getting fruits and veggies and um. Something. Chores, and having rice and lentils ready, and thingumabob.

Also, I know, the USA is horrible and Portland is horrible and things are horrible. I'm sorry.
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