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Do you want to watch a video of a hedgehog or guinea pig being cute and cuddly? What about reading up on honeybees or listening to some birdcalls?

I am taking time to appreciate the soothing, the informative, the beautiful, and yes, the adorable. Yes, the world is a mess and humanity is busy making it even more of a mess, but there are still good things. It is important to me to notice them.

Cute Hedgehog Video Clips
Several short clips of hedgehogs being bathed, eating, climbing on people's legs, and so on.

Happy Guinea Pigs
Human explains some things about guinea pigs. Guinea pigs nap and run around.

Guinea Pig Likes Petting
Human pets guinea pig on lap. Guinea pig makes happy little noises.

Oregon Wildlife: Bird Calls: Index Page
The top of the page lists categories of species; this link takes you to owls. Scrolling down, each category of birds has a chart with basic info about some species and links to audio. Each direct link to an audio recording has a click button in upper left to play.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Mourning Dove
(Note this call was recorded over 50 years ago! Cool, huh!)

Honeybee Facts

How to Help Honeybees

Planting For Native Pollinators in Oregon

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