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Complainy cat is complaining in more detail. Yay?

Content Warning: comparatively less-sick person complaining about being sick and in pain; food, food problems; unpleasant medical details and symptoms; self-directed snark; internaliazed ableism and assorted brainweasels.

So I decided I should transfer to my computer, from my brain, the running list of 'yes', 'no,' 'HELL no', and 'maybe' foods/consumables since this digestive/allergy/joint-pain thing reached its current state.

I made lists. They are long. For your perusal, if you like, I present: 'Not A Food'. At the bottom is part of another list I started, the freaking reasons I know some of these are not a food. And I looked at it all and I was like 'holy hell have I really eaten THAT MANY things that MADE ME SICK in the last couple of months?' And yes, I have. While trying to NOT eat things that make me sick, but for some of 'em, that's the only easy way to TELL. I thought potato chips would be fine; they were not fine.

And also my brain is trying to gaslight me. I was thinking 'well as long as I stay away from gluten it's probably fine, this is only like a four or even a three, that's just normal everyday pain' and then I did a double take and reminded myself that two years ago I could eat basically everything on the lists, didn't even HAVE joint pain issues except for the neck and shoulder, and had significantly more energy without dragging myself through things. I thought I'd stomped most of my self-directed internalized ableism but apparently only for the headstuffs because the bodystuff is bringing up self-defeating minimizing cultural imprints I didn't know I had like WHOA.

These lists are works in progress, incomplete, and really only mainly for my own reference and probably some doctors. (YES I will be going to the doctorses. Progress updates by the end I June I promise.) Presented mostly to open the door for sympathy, random helpful trivia, 'me too' moments, or whatever reaction y'all feel like having; I trust you folks.

First List: Food

Definitely Food
* mild fruit, such as: honeydew melon, watermelon
some mild cooked vegetables: carrots
unsweetened gf/soyfree green smoothie (CoGo Greens)
plain rice crackers
plain unsalted cashews

Probably Food
plain almond milk
sunflower seed butter
most nuts and seeds, whether plain, simply roasted/salted, or as ingredients: cashews, slivered almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed
more nuts: pecans, macadamias, peanuts, groundnuts, pine nuts,
most fresh fruit: apples, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, mango, peach, rambutan, blueberries,
more fruit: apricot, plum, haws, cantaloupe,
some dried fruit: figs, very small serving prunes, mango, dates, apricots
most vegetables: zucchini, squash, peas, carrots, green beans,
most greens: spinach, lettuce, kale, chard, beet greens
sweet potato
gf fig bars; gf corn-and-ancient-grain cereal; Petunia’s gf zucchini bread, protein bars, muffins, etc; gf sweet-potato-starch noodles; gf bread, especially lightly toasted
cashew-carrot-ginger soup-in-a-box
rice: plain brown rice, plain white rice, rice crackers
avocado smash
plain or garlic-lemon hummus; cooked chickpeas
most coconut stuff: coconut water, coconut-based replacements for dairy, unsweetened dry flaked coconut
some edible flowers: violets
plain hard-boiled egg
almond butter
coffee diluted with water or with almond milk
plain baked potato
onion, garlic
most herbal teas
neighborhood coffee shop order: side green salad, no dressing, add fried egg and avocado

Maybe Not A Food
acid/bitter fruits: oranges, tangerines, cranberry, tamarind,
bell pepper
plain fresh edamame (soybeans)
scrambled eggs esp. seasoned
mustard greens, dandelion greens, other bitter/spicy greens
black coffee, sweetened coffee
some spices
prunes (except when intended to help with constipation)
1 gf alcoholic beverage with lots of water
plain black tea
corn: frozen or fresh kernels; plain cornflakes; cornmeal mush
nearby shop’s sandwiches even on gf bread - too complicated :(
simple olive oil / cider vinegar dressing for salad or slaw

Probably Not A Food
soy protein as an added ingredient
small amounts of dairy: butter, coffee with a very little milk
red cabbage
almost any salad dressing
very sugary foods without fat/protein/complex carbohydrates
most potato chips, most tortilla chips
most nightshades: almost anything based on tomato, eggplant, pepper, also some potato stuff
soy milk
almond milk smoothies containing soy, added sugar& flavoring
peanut butter
tomato sauce, ick
small amounts of olive oil, flaxseed oil
smoked salmon
black beans if not REALLY well rinsed
malt as a flavoring or key ingredient
herbal teas with weird added flavorings
sweet tea
black olives, even the good kind

Definitely Not A Food
gluten-y wheat-y goodness: breads, pastries, crackers, cereals, cakes, bagels, sandwiches, cookies, pizza…
large amounts of dairy/lactose: milk, cream, ice cream, cheese, cheese topping on eggs, pizza…
protein shakes with whey and soy
sneaky gluten: soy sauce, tamari flavor rice crackers, …
soy sauce
eggplant, fresh dark colored bell peppers, fresh dark colored tomatoes, chili peppers, baba ghanouj
inulin as an added ingredient
smoked paprika /
paprika, ever
tomato sauce in any noticeable quantities
rice vinegar
meat*** (with rare exceptions now probably nonexistent)
tulsi aka holy basil

Second List: Reactions

Clusters of Symptoms
(ETA: These are things that happen sometimes. Not continuously, thank gods. I've been learning the different varieties of not good reaction well enough to categorize them, which is a sad thought, but also a useful one. I've had good days, too, especially since starting the gf experiment.)

‘evil gluten major reaction’ - has happened repeatedly - too tired to stand up long, too weak to walk far, serious joint pain, significant abdominal pain, some muscle pain, buzzing sensation in all extremities, puffy bloated feeling, hands and feet go numb easily, blurred vision, headache, despair and intrusive thoughts, unable to want anything except rest, unable to concentrate, effectively unable to eat; minimum 3 hours
‘major hives’ - only once, but a scary once
‘typical reaction’ - abdominal pain, joint pain, possible muscle pain / headache, constipation and/or odd-smelling soft stools
‘icky tired downer’ - often
‘headache from hell’ - sometimes
‘still exhausted and ouchy’ / ‘persistent brain fog’ - for weeks
‘vomiting sick’ - just the other day, otherwise not often
‘sugar high’ - and not the fun kind, anytime I eat sweets on their own lately
‘oh fuck that stings and itches’ - when I put some things in my mouth
‘stomach pain AGAIN?’ - occasionally and unexpectedly
‘my hands are numb why’ - generally because I did something
‘dunwanna’ - often

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