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Paperwork headdesking: a simplified transcript.

Warnings for major complications of the 'bureaucracy is literally trying to kill you' sort, systemic transmisia & ableism & classism, capitalism devouring its young.

A week ago...

Insurance folks: We're taking away S's health insurance because you never verified S as an eligible dependent. We sent the packets back in March!

Me: What? I never got a packet?!

Insurance folks: You can file an appeal. You need blah blah blah statements to show you live at the same address, the appeals form, and the verification form from the packet.

Me: Okay. Send me the forms.

Insurance folks: We'll send them.

Me: Both of them?

Insurance folks: Yep! Just give us 24 hours.


Me: Um hi so I was trying to fill out the forms to get S reinstated on my insurance. I have the appeals from in my email, but not the verification form and the packet that goes with it? Someone said there would be two emails.

Insurance folks: Oh! Well, you'd better do that.

Me: I have the appeals form. I don't have the verification form, because I never got the packet. Last week someone said they'd get it sent to me.

Insurance folks: That's funny, there's no record of a verification packet being requested for you since March.

Me: (speechless) ...

Insurance folks: I'll request one for you!

Me: Can I stay on the line until I see it in my email?

Insurance folks: Well, actually, no. It needs processing and personalizing. It'll be sent first thing tomorrow morning! Just give us 24 hours.

Me: Well, okay. Thanks.

Me. (after I hang up) OH FOR FUCKS SAKE.

(Oh and they are deadnaming and misgendering S throughout this process, and I'm trying to not have a panic attack on top of panic attack because phones combined with literally lifethreatening expensive and redtapey paperwork issue, just for EXTRA FUN.)

What's really funny? I 'verified' that S was my domestic partner when I first signed up for insurance with this company. We still live at the same address. We've both been to the doctor recently, using that address. We've been together for ten fucking years. We MOVED TO OREGON because that's where I could get a job that let me insure her for the care she needed! And still this bullshit, because what it's REALLY about is making keeping someone on your insurance hard enough that some eligible people will conveniently fall off and not need to be paid for.

FUCK FUCK FUCK. *sound effects of smashing things, ripping with vicious claws*

I'm going out. *doorslam*

ETA: I did indeed go out and that was good. I went swimming in a river! And other things have come along that need dealt with, sigh. Thank you for all the support, both those of you who have commented and anyone reading and well-wishing later. I may close comments here shortly because I need to move on mentally; we'll see. <3


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