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This afternoon I went to the Sandy River.

Dunking myself in a large body of natural water seemed like a really good response to the attack of the red tape goblins. I believe it helped quite a lot. The Sandy is a small river that joins the Columbia just outside Portland, and I've been to the park at the delta there; this time I went to the next park on upstream, which turnedd out to be a really great spot.

Some of the many good things: Watching Mount Hood appear on my way there. Scrambling down a steep path in the bank and finding a wonderful series of beaches and banks in the curve of the river, with a gair number of people around but no crowds. Wading across the river on the sandy rocky bottom. Swimming, dunking my head, tagging and climbing on rocks. Floating on my back and letting a gentle current take me back to where I began walking. Looking up at ripples of reflected sunlight on a rock face, and then higher up and seeing them ont he trees all around the banks. Feeling like I could float forever. Discovering pebbles in the shallow rapids. Walking across the little bridge and back to take pictures. Coming home, and finding out that one small worry that tried to intrude is actually all right.

Still slightly floating.
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