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Today I am grateful for:

- rereading the Toby Daye books

- lots of new nonfiction books

- coffee, meds, food I know is okay, sunlight, naps, all the things that help me feel functional

- shiny objects like metal washers that are just there waiting for someone to pick them up and polish them and make treasures

- a partner who loves me and pets me when I just want to lie there and be a flat cat

Slight case of brainweasels and fwump:
Tomorrow I want to: actually do the things that need to get done WITHOUT sending my anxiety through the roof. I don't know why I didn't do the things, and now it's night.

Also, seaweed snacks (with sunflower oil and salt) are Not A Food, and I need to wear gloves when doing craft projects involving metal shavings or rust. Bleh.

But on the exciting side, yesterday I did a thing with a new person and a person I know, and Wednesday I also have plans, so I am actually sort of succeeding at peopleing a bit!

Maybe I should just go to sleep? But I'm not sure I can fall asleep, because having done very little all day and not currently being acutely fatigued, I'm not sleepy, dammit. I want to have done things but I don't want to do things.

This is clearly not working. I should get a book and try to wind down and go to bed early, and have an alarm set. And leave a note for S.
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