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So I have recently actually created a Smashwords account. Looking for recommendations; please see below.

Since I don’t do well at remember to check things and tend to anxiety-brain a bit about my different accounts, this is a significant thing for me. I am trying to shift more of my reading away from Amazon. I want to support more authors who are marginalized in the U.S. And I'm in a bit of a bumpy patch for fanfic reading for purely personal reasons. I've still got loads and loads of used books and favorite stores to find more. However, I'd like to develop, for Smashwords specifically, a reasonably extensive ‘I would probably like to read this’ list.

So, keeping in mind that I generally, arbitrarily, and oversimplified-ly prefer:

1. frequently but not always, fiction to nonfiction, poetry, plays, or genre-smash

1a. sf&f stories and other works that take me away from my current place, time, and cultural assumptions

2. protagonists or at least supporting characters that are one or more of queer, people of color, disabled, neurodivergent, or nonhuman

3. both ‘gen’ fiction and other-than-gen fiction that could include explicit content, but not at the expense of the existence of plot

3a. if there is a romantic or erotic plot or significant subplot, one that isn’t primarily mono-cis-allo-heteronormative at the expense of, say, ALL OF the possibilities of: unpartnered, solo, and celibate characters; poly and non-monogamous characters; asexual or demisexual characters; non-romantic relationships such as those of protagonists to their children, elder relatives, and other family including chosen family and true companions; non-romantic non-familial relationships such as peers, helpers, trench buddies, friends, pals, rivals, etc, etc

3b. if there is an adventure or discovery plot, one that isn’t at the expense of characters behaving in character, science-babble or magic-babble remaining internally consistent given its givens, or violence being the first and only solution

4. significant character development and three- or more-dimensional main characters, but also a plot that isn’t solely driven by internal or relationship conflicts

5. not 100% or even 90% depressing or enraging content

6. grammatical, coherent, structurally sound, and otherwise well written works

6a. a clear authorial voice with some beauty to the language, but not a bunch of literary frills that don’t advance the story

7. works by authors who have the skill level, or close to it, to be traditionally published, but by reason of their identities or their chosen type of works, are likely to be pushed out of those markets

∞. and reserving the right to toss, undermine, or alter any of the above if I just happen to like something anyway…

What book or stories would you recommend I buy or ‘buy’ for free on Smashwords? What authors do you think fit my description, and how do you know? If you can, specifying free or paid would be helpful, along with any relevant context about the author(s), and why you like the book(s).

I also have other accounts and sources of reading material, but right now I’m asking about things available on Smashwords.
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