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Hey friends and passers-by!

A friend of mine has recently taken in a kid (and their pet turtle) whose family lost (scary info) their home, most of their belongings, and their two cats in a devastating home fire. Said friend is good people. Said friend is also an artisan and an artist! Pictures and details under the cut.

Therefore, you can help by buying stuff.

Image: A necklace that makes my fingers grabby.

Image: Bug defeating magic soap stuff.

[personal profile] kyleri creates beautiful upcycled jewelry. They also craft body products and soaps that are NOT made from crap! They do custom orders and source pure ingredients so you can almost certainly get soap that ***you aren’t allergic to*** and that is unscented or smells good.

Soap and Stuff:
Pretty Shinies:
(other stuff):

I’ve gotten a lot of sympathy for the smoke inhalation and hot weather this fire season; here are people who have it officially Worse. If you want to look for the helpers…well, [personal profile] kyleri is one such.

If you have money, buying neat stuff is a win-win way to throw money their way. If you don’t have money, please don’t worry. There’s a lot of that going around. Do what you can. Don’t do what you can’t do.

Either way, so much love!
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