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Allergic or toxic reaction of some sort struck again today. Processing via writing has happened.

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Am a tired cat. Probably done venting now, want to do a fun thing or at least read a fun thing.
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major venting with attached anxiety and social issues, my anxiety-triggers e.g. people, phone, money, paperwork, chores, malfunctions, adulting, failing to adult, anxiety-fueled poor choices Read more... )

ETA: If you want to help please send cat pictures or similar.

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Also, y'all are awesome. So many kitty pictures and kind words, I cannot even begin to thank you enough. The world is so awful lately and I am flat out of good responses but you remind me that it is worth resting and breathing and trying to FIND some. Thank you. THANK YOU.
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So, today I’m attempting to compose my gratitudes (and, okay, yes, some venting) in actual sentences. (long, vent-y, noms) Read more... ) Also, and very importantly: This morning, I bought a complete stranger who looked cold a cup of coffee when I was getting mine. This afternoon, when I was the total stranger looking cold while standing under the rain at a bus stop, someone gave me an umbrella and said ‘I live across the street, bring it back whenever or keep it.’ Small things keep us all going.
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I have noticed myself struggling to be positive, so I’m choosing to refocus.

1. I accomplished a LOT of chores today. I picked up the bedroom; got the papers on the table roughly organized so we could use the table; washed, dried, and put away two batches of dishes; helped with laundry; repotted a plant; wiped down counters and tidied in the kitchen; took out the trash; and some odds and ends. I can’t feel it now, but that does matter - it does make a positive difference for me and S to be living in a nicer, healthier, and more organized enrviornment.

2. I enjoyed swinging on the swings at the park in the glorious sunshine. It’s notable that my dizziness was low enough I could actually have fun going up high and soaring back down! It was great, I don’t get nearly enough free fall.

3. My wonderful S made plain lentils and rice for dinner, which was my request - I’ve been craving something simple with legumes. Good with some sliced fresh veggies and soy sauce. Good doesn’t have to be complicated.

4. Tomorrow we are going to the forest to hike and look at the scenery! I’m glad we got together to actually PLAN.

5. You folks. Updates and pics and geekery and cat photos. Thank you for being there.
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I told myself I would not do this but I am going to change my mind and do it anyway. Please, please feel free to skip it if it isn't your cup of tea today, I won't be offended.

Content warning: mental differences, mental illness, sensory stuff, gender stuff, relationship stuff, work stuff, body stuff, little bits of ALL THE STUFF Read more... )
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got virtual hugs because sometimes people are awesome
thank you
still accepting more hugs if you like
not so distressed any more

would like a virtual hug

because brain

and people


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