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I’ve had a difficult day so far. (grief, death of a loved one, altered states of consciousness, minor injury) Read more... )
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Peoplefolk, the artists of the internet worlds can be so generous and amazing.

I wish to highlight the talents and thoughtfulness of the amazing [personal profile] ratcreature!

While wandering around my network (as one does (right?)) I stumbled upon a thread offering to draw quick sketches based on one's interest list. I posted a brief remark. And then I got a gorgeous pencil sketch!

Image below cut: Read more... )
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This visual art is extremely beautiful and people who like realistically-detailed animals with a fantasy-art flavor and rainbowy colors and lovely fine lines and curves, and can see it on their computer screen, may want to go stare at it. And throw money at the artist if you can afford to, which right now is not me, but these are so shiny.

gray seal and dormouse and wild boar

Because it simply would not do to put pictures up without also putting up something on the audio and/or written sides, here is some audio:

The song entitled 'Gray Seal' (video component is the lyrics superimposed on the CD case):
on YouTube

The sounds of an actual gray seal:
wildlife recording
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There are many terrible things in the world. Art and music and story give me courage to go on. I’ll occasionally be posting about some of these, purely based on what I personally turn to. Explanations and supplemental research will be uneven, depending on what I feel up to. I’m not looking for simple comfort or for direct action, because I find those elsewhere too; but the arts, like few other things in life, have the depth of complex meaning to remind me how to hope.

These songs remind me that some of my own ancestors and distant kin fought for (what they saw as) freedom, and that dying on the losing side of a battle cannot take away the value of standing up for a cause. Pride in my heritage is complicated and doesn't come easily - in a sort of mirror image, neither does treasuring culturally important works that I find personally important but cannot in fairness claim - but these songs still strike a chord. That matters.

Rising of the Moon
audio in video format
audio in video format

The Foggy Dew
audio in video format

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Open prompt call, topic: anything that is annoying to bigots, especially representation in speculative fiction; also, companion animals apparently. I don't know the writers but I'm excited to have stumbled on this!
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I wrote a bit of self-care advice to myself in the form of a series of haiku. Comments of all sorts (except the jerk sort), including constructive criticism, are welcome. CW: food, home remedies, mention of sources of stress, mention of death of animals, didactic tones (it's not that scary, but I wanted to be through). Read more... )
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So...I'm really not okay now. But I shall be ... enough to be going on with.

CW: bad brain, self-harm, strong language Read more... )

I'm choosing to focus on things I'm grateful for anyway.

CW: food, interpersonal dynamics, healthcare mentions Read more... )

In conclusion, please, give someone a little love tonight, whether that is you or your pet, the family you choose or the community that calls to you, someone online or someone offline, a friend or a stranger.

And know that I am grateful for you. Even if you've never commented, I am grateful that people care enough to read this; I write it first for me, second for the people I talk to, but thirdly, for anyone who may someday stumble on it and nod and say, "Oh, okay, that's a thing that happens." Which - it is. Whatever strange experience you have had, is valid. Whatever story you have to tell, is worth telling. Whatever emotion you feel, is important. Whatever choice you make, matters. Whatever cause you stand up for, matters, even if we never see how or why.

The person who invented the hand-ax never saw a computer. And neither did her friend who told her, "Hey, it's okay, I really liked that one you made a few days ago, keep trying." And I know that person existed. I know that someone was there to hear, as well as tell, the first stories. To grind the pigments for the first communal cave painting. To bring water, maybe in cupped hands or hollow shells or a leaf basket breaking as it was used, to the mouth of the child who would grow up to build the first ceramic pot. So if you have encouraged someone - your loves, your passing acquaintances, even yourself - and told them not to give up, you are as heroic in my books as the people who kept the first hearth burning. Because that, my friends, *is* keeping the flame alive.
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I love wols! For those of you who insist on standard spelling, also known as owls. Once again, please give credit to the intrepid [personal profile] cmcmck and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for inspiring me to dive down a research rabbit hole. Except it’s more of a burrowing owl hole this time, though I didn’t really focus on those.

Some wols in my vicinity:

Washington Owls
(Lengthy text with pictures; pictures are labeled with some description.)

Oregon Owls
(Lengthy chart of text with one pictures per species, includes species names and links to audio of calls; pictures are labeled but not extensively described.)

There’s lots more! Read more... )

Anyway, hoot hoot hoot hoot! I had fun looking all this up.
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Finally got around to uploading it. Art of a winged cat, from an artist I like, used at small size with permission directly from Theresa Mather.

For a slightly larger view and other awesome art, go here:

This image - a cat with big feathered wings, in soft earth tones - is more similar to my self-image as a cat than my cat napping icon. But my mental image of me is tortoiseshell, with a stripy nose. And the winged version of me is naturally shades of purple, while still being tortie. Go figure...
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Call for themes! Help shape the work of a pretty cool artist who gives a damn about people!


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