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cut for length; contains positives including food, self-care, and moments at the school job
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So I communicated and people were awesome and A Plan was made and an outing happened and it was really really good and I gauged my time and energy well and was barely anxious while out and about and am back now and have some peace and WHY AM I EMOTIONS AAAAAAAAH.

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Trying hard to take care of myself (sleep! food! safe feelings! water!), do my work, and still accomplish some of the little things that make life better. I will do the smart things! And it will work!!! Because!!!!!

Recent good things:

- Porch Cat came down off the porch and sat in my lap for petting!
- Among my impulsive grocery purchases the other day were some organic black olives that turned out to be really really tasty and have raised my bar for what to expect/accept.
- I am rereading "Always Coming Home," by Ursula K. Le Guin, and it is, as always, one of the most remarkable books I have ever read.
- I have a safe bed with soft pillows in a functional apartment. This is worth noting.
- My partner S and I continue to have lots of quiet walks and lots of hugs.
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Loof Nornj kitteh pettins! … I suppose that I had better unpack that a bit. There is a house in my neighborhood that has a big porch with steps up to it and with big hydrangeas in front of it. There are two cats that live in the house and spend a lot of time lounging on the porch, in sunbeams or shade, depending on the time of day and temperature. Both are fluffy and orange. One is full-on marmalade. The other is a cream dilute red, so sort of peach colored. They are healthy, happy, beautiful cats, but they also tend to be shy of anyone who isn’t their very own humans. I will walk over to say hi, or S will, and they will back off, retreat to the porch from the steps, go under the bushes, etc. Therefore we’ve gone from describing them as “an aloof cat or two” to “those loof cats, the orange ones, you know” to “the Loof Nornj kitties” as a family name. Well, today we went out for breakfast rather earlier than we usually get going on a Saturday, and on the way back we noticed Marmalade Loof Nornj and Cream Loof Nornj both sitting in the sun, and I guess they’ve got used to us and the fact that we won’t invade their porch because they stayed put. So I sat on the steps … and sat, and read my book, and made purrs and meows … and little by little sat closer and closer while they went about their business, and eventually was sitting just a foot or two away (less than a meter). And Cream Loof Nornj strolled by and mewed and let me just barely touch her fur and went away and came back and mewed at me again. And Marmalade Loof Nornj made a sphinx in the sun on the concrete wall along one side of the steps, and let me hold out a hand for inspection and then skritch his ruff and get some shed fur out, and purred. I feel really really happy that the Loof cats have deemed me worthy of less aloofness and that I have successfully negotiated GRADUALLY moving inwards to touch range while still respecting one another’s space … I just wish humans were a little easier to read on that, like cats … and also I got to pet two new cats, so SCORE. *wriggles and flails of delight*

Other things that are also very good:

German apple pancakes. Schedules that worked out reasonably well. An actual full night’s sleep resulting in me being AWAKE in the morning, which for me is upwards of 12 hours. Cold minty tea.


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