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I am reflecting gladly upon the following items:

… Cherry blossoms starting to crinkle open. Read more... )

… Daffodils.

I am, however, perturbed… ruffled… perhaps even peeved that my car stereo has declined to play CDs.

Small things. All I can handle is small things. Approximately ant sized.

… Make it a good ant, then? Well. I’ll try.
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Today I am grateful for kids who try their best, coworkers who have my back, and YOU for reading.

Apologies for recent oddities, if any, with appearing/disappearing posts; will try to sort this weekend when I can try to teach myself how to do access-lists, sigh, I dunwanna but oh well.

Oh, I am also grateful for the moon, the dark side of the moon, and purple clouds next to the moon. And cider and giant teddy bears and laughter and being very, very, very done for the day.
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Things that make things better, and which I should remember to make use of…

Potentially chore-like...Read more... )
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school job: Read more... )

very pleasant social time with some newer friends who are actually local and share many common interests

positive interactions with S, who had a day off
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I am grateful for:


chamomile tea


electric pencil sharpeners that actually work

clear lane striping and signage



ETA: Also for people who offer hugs when my day was not good. It was not good. But I am still grateful for good things. Including me being stubborn, which doesn't always help but it got me through some stuff.
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Lots of things, including food, weather, school job, job hunt, hints of anxiety, brief mock-violent thoughts Read more... )
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Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m doing New Month Resolutions. I think this is preferable because setting a personal goal for one month lets me assess and redirect. This gives me the opportunity to go from beginning to end in a short enough time frame to think through each day and week of working with that goal, to diagnose what helped and what didn’t help. It means that if I meet my goal, I can set a new goal that build on it, or turn to another area. If I don’t meet my goal, I can reframe it, or focus elsewhere for awhile. I can do each of these several times, if necessary. By the end of the year, I should hopefully have twelve interesting experiments in hacking my own brain to achieve things.

Read more... )

I sort of had to reinvent the wheel on this one, because I needed it to be *my* wheel. In spite of having awesome examples of people who set goals, meet goals, fall short of goals and reassess, and set new goals in front of me literally every day. Read more... )

Apparently for a lot of people, breaking a goal down exhaustively for how to do it and measure it isn’t strictly required. Read more... )

For January, my resolution is a daily writing goal.
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Slice of life. May contain traces of: brain weasels, culturally pre-programmed for your inconvenience brain weasels, peopling, not peopling, sleep, food, chores, not doing the chores, whining, complaining even though it could be worse, extreme ramblyness, nuggets of oddly chipper

Read more... )

ETA: I did indeed go to the gaming thing on Thursday and it was awesome. Good good good. Oddly enough going to the game store works better when I plan around saving spoons instead of dumping them on little stuff like *hurrying* and *saving seats* and *will there be anyone there I like.* So many shiny peoples, I can even text with a phone, yes yes. *wibbles a bit* Energy, so weird a thing.
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Plush octopus.

Fixed car.

Homemade bread.

Hot drinks.

Sunny cold.

Cozy radiator.
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At the moment I am grateful for:

Finding a place to go. Hanging in there. Surviving fear. Being stubborn. Caring.

Also for pagan carols, authors writing busily away, recycled paper bags on which I can make art, the fact that I washed the dishes, my loves and friends and family and friendly acquaintances and colleagues and mentors and kin, past and present and future, and the mad determination to keep the holidays whatever happens.
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So, today I’m attempting to compose my gratitudes (and, okay, yes, some venting) in actual sentences. (long, vent-y, noms) Read more... ) Also, and very importantly: This morning, I bought a complete stranger who looked cold a cup of coffee when I was getting mine. This afternoon, when I was the total stranger looking cold while standing under the rain at a bus stop, someone gave me an umbrella and said ‘I live across the street, bring it back whenever or keep it.’ Small things keep us all going.
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Thanks: Con. Friends. Sleep. Help. Noms: Read more... ) Fic. Day. Soap. Leaves. Sky. Walk. Cat. PET PET PET PET.

Argh: ARGH! VER! *screams* *hides* Spoons? Ha.

Thanks friends. Thanks cats.

(All one word chunk, yes?)
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So...I'm really not okay now. But I shall be ... enough to be going on with.

CW: bad brain, self-harm, strong language Read more... )

I'm choosing to focus on things I'm grateful for anyway.

CW: food, interpersonal dynamics, healthcare mentions Read more... )

In conclusion, please, give someone a little love tonight, whether that is you or your pet, the family you choose or the community that calls to you, someone online or someone offline, a friend or a stranger.

And know that I am grateful for you. Even if you've never commented, I am grateful that people care enough to read this; I write it first for me, second for the people I talk to, but thirdly, for anyone who may someday stumble on it and nod and say, "Oh, okay, that's a thing that happens." Which - it is. Whatever strange experience you have had, is valid. Whatever story you have to tell, is worth telling. Whatever emotion you feel, is important. Whatever choice you make, matters. Whatever cause you stand up for, matters, even if we never see how or why.

The person who invented the hand-ax never saw a computer. And neither did her friend who told her, "Hey, it's okay, I really liked that one you made a few days ago, keep trying." And I know that person existed. I know that someone was there to hear, as well as tell, the first stories. To grind the pigments for the first communal cave painting. To bring water, maybe in cupped hands or hollow shells or a leaf basket breaking as it was used, to the mouth of the child who would grow up to build the first ceramic pot. So if you have encouraged someone - your loves, your passing acquaintances, even yourself - and told them not to give up, you are as heroic in my books as the people who kept the first hearth burning. Because that, my friends, *is* keeping the flame alive.
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I am mighty, hear me roar. And then whimper with exhaustion.

Read more... )

It is now time for mint ice cream. And laundering everything that's been to school remotely recently. And possibly an early ebook 'you survived' reward to myself, since today FELT like an entire week.
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rosy dawn glow through fog over pine trees

excellent views of the graceful arc of the Tilikum Crossing bridge, by early daylight all shining silver, by pre-sunrise twilight pale and jeweled with lights, and by early-AM darkness a stream of fiery colors topped with two bright flags

a park full of autumn trees in full color, including daffodil yellow, bright pinkish red, deep burnt orange, pumpkin orange, dark purplish red, true red-orange with bronze shadings, dark damp brown and faded dark green

a warm fuzzy blanket

a hot shower

clean laundry (thanks darling)

noms_and_identity_feels_and_vagueness )
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I'm really quite glad that it is Friday evening.

This week I am grateful for:

- a working coffee maker

- a purse small enough to carry with me that still fits my phone and wallet

- sunlight

- green space around the school

- the occasional hot shower

Whew. Tired.


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