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I just dumped eleventy-seven comments at once on someone's Thing. I think I did a Bad Thing. *wince*

*whispering* Sorry.

I need a New Rule. New Rule: wait at least 5 minutes before posting more than 3 lengthy comments on THE SAME TOPIC.

Bad kitty, no catnip.
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I am still feeling my way with online posting and commenting etiquette. At times, I realized (too late, or almost) that something probably needed better context and/or a warning for what it was about, if I’m trying to be respectful of other people’s choice to not be startled by an upsetting topic, which I would like to be. Recently I had a couple of these conversations in the comments on someone else’s stuff.

Cut for Lengthy Explanation Read more... )

For two of those cases I mentioned above, I’m going to be posting the message in question below the cut right here.

Content Warnings below the cut: #1: general anger at society; for the external article link: people dying of sheer neglect. #2: discussion of anxiety and (short-term) loss of mental control.

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You know, this was WAY more effort to provide content warning than the topics probably merited, especially since they both already had some context? But this is a learning process.
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I'm identifying and describing myself to make it easier for people to talk to me, for me to find community, to point out some common interests, to make it simpler for anyone who chooses to call me on blinkered or privileged thinking, and to avoid inadvertently misrepresenting myself. Because people do change over time, this post is also subject to change.

Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. I prefer they/them pronouns. Read more... )

Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Basically nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button. I will update if and when this needs to change.


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