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(because humaning is HARD)

*creeps out from under furniture*

*slinks around room*

*cautiously headbutts friend*


*cautiously observing; paws now out from under furniture*


*one paw*

*two paw*


*whoooole cat*

*finds a comfyspot in room*
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The wonderful [personal profile] conuly has been attempting to feed, medicate, and shelter two semi-feral kittens, and has finally got them into a safe contained space. Anyone in the greater NYC area interested in two baby kitties who are a bit wild and shy but young enough to learn to love people?

Edited: If not, once they've been checked up and cleaned up and properly treated for eye troubles, they'll be moving a shelter, a foster home, or TNR, depending on what's available and how their socialization goes.
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Me: *spend an hour on google looking at purple cats*
Also Me: That was a good hour. Read more... )
*pounces random fluffy object* Hey look I have stripy fuzzy purple socks!
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Today I held two cockatiels and petted three cats, including one who is basically a silken sofa cushion and who lets the birdies perch on him.
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This rescue kitty in Baltimore is looking for a forever home. The people who found her love her and she is super human-friendly, but she can't live with other cats!

Comment over there, not here please...
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This would be a poll if I had a paid account, but I don’t. So - please reply by comment, if you are interested! I will respond with at least one CUTENESS THERAPY item for you!

Q1. A favorite fuzzy animal for adorableness purposes?
(Or fluffy, feathery, scaly, etc…)

ETA: Species posted so far: Red panda, elf owl, great horned owl, domestic cat, fishing cat, tiger, red fox, sheep, rabbit, human, capybara, hedgehog... Formats so far: Descriptive text, picture, video.

more_questions )
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Some soothing links since I'm sure we all need them:



Kitten Academy Livestream:
ETA: Ooooooooh KITTANS SO SMOL SO SOFT YAY. Purr squeak bounce wobble nap nap.

Purring Lynx:
Video & Audio:

Purr Yoga:
I'm so pleased this exists. I've been to the cat cafe and I've done (Westernized) yoga; I have not yet done yoga *with* cats BUT I WANT TO.

Cats 'Helping':
Humans carefully remove opossums, alive and well, from their barn. The barn cats watch ... and lend a paw, even ... or do they?
(PS: Please be aware that Chicken Soup for the Soul is a franchise with some questionable corporate choices and lots of failure to warn. This story was OK for me; it features outdoor/semi-indoor cats, other domestic and wild farm animals, and humans trying to cope with that interface by clumsy tactics such as improvised live traps.)

Relaxation Soundtracks:

Binaural Beats for Gamma Brainwaves: (audio in video format)
(I don't know if it *works* exactly, but it puts *me* in a bit of a trance esp. when I can feel the vibration.)

Crickets: (audio in video format)

(may contain R-rated fanfic, adult beverages, and complaining about the weather): Read more... )

Oooh, did I mention blankets? Are you chilly at all? Do you have access to a soft blanket? *pets silky-fuzzy blue microfiber* Thaaaat's right. Nice blankets.
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At the moment, I am grateful for numerous things.

Cool people to hang out with, online and offline, who have enough in common with me to be empathetic and enough differences from me to be exciting. A broad, variable band that partly depends on how far *they* will push their comfort zone and how far *I* will, but one that does exist and is significant. Also, the fact that I explicitly chose, and pushed myself, and asked for help in achieving, and was aware of strategies for, getting to know the communities (DW, gaming group, etc) and modes of social interaction that are currently happening in my life; I did the work and it is mostly working.

Kittycat socks.

Noms and sips. Physical self-care. Movement practice. Read more... )

Plans that capitalize on rather than trying to get around my preference for having functional routines.

Stories and poems and songs, oh my!
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I got to pet SEVEN cats today. And to visually admire three more. KITTTIES!!!

Four cats on our morning walk. One was Neighbor Calico Cat. She was missing last week and she found her way home and is well and friendly and likes to trill at people until they pet her! One was Porch Cat. He sat in my lap and smooshed his head into my chest and purred at me and mwrowped when I had to put him back in his cat bed on the porch. One was a gray Persian mix (I think; he had the wrinkled-y skin and slightly curly long hair, but not the face) who dropped by on the sidewalk and gently bit my hand to critique my petting efforts but also purred at me. One was a plump orange tabby-pattern with the extra-furry cheeks like a lynx; he chewed on some yard plants instead while I was petting him. I think I may have met both of them before, but I'm not sure.

Two cats on the way over to a friend's place. One was a black cat sitting and watching her humans wash a car. She came over to say hi. One was a dark gray tabby-pattern sitting on top of a car. He deigned to descend as far as the back of the car to be petted.

One at AT said friend's place. He is gray with a white nose blaze and tummy and paws, he is an incredibly soft and fluffy longhair, he has a little bowtie on his collar, and he likes to sit on his cat-tree and dangle a paw over the edge. SOOOO FLUFFY.

...Oh, yeah, I was brave and socially competent and went to game day at M&AA's apartment and positively interacted with humans and played games. BUT ALSO THERE WERE KITTIES!
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major venting with attached anxiety and social issues, my anxiety-triggers e.g. people, phone, money, paperwork, chores, malfunctions, adulting, failing to adult, anxiety-fueled poor choices Read more... )

ETA: If you want to help please send cat pictures or similar.

ETA Again: Read more... )

Also, y'all are awesome. So many kitty pictures and kind words, I cannot even begin to thank you enough. The world is so awful lately and I am flat out of good responses but you remind me that it is worth resting and breathing and trying to FIND some. Thank you. THANK YOU.
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Yesterday I got to pet one of my neighborhood kitty-cats. Bobtail Kitty is grayish-brownish tabby on top and white on his fuzzy belly. When I walked by his house, he came running off the porch to greet me. It was sunny so he sprawled on the sidewalk and let me rub his tummy, scratch his ears, and pet his back. I noticed that his white fur is like snow, sparkling bright white with regular patterns of faint shadow, and the black barring of his tabby pattern on his back had a rainbow sparkle where the fine hairs diffracted sunlight. He went in circles head butting me and getting chin scratches for a bit, and I got him to stand on my lap and purr for a bit, and then he chewed gently on my hand for a minute to let me know we were done. Dawww.

Length, noms, minor brain and body stuff Read more... )

ETA: More kitties, more body-communication actually working, more yay!
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Some of the autumn scents in the air recently included wintergreen, pine sap, figs, and woodsmoke.

A stone bench I passed on my walk had a mosaic of polished pebbles set into the seat. They were smooth and shiny and pleasant to run my hand over.

Autumn leaves continue to be spectacular, even on gray rainy days. Particular notice goes to some all-red and all-yellow maples, as well as the small, delicately serrated, pale yellow leaves of birch trees.

TvTropes is a good source of endless entertainment that consumes as much and only as much brain power as I want it to.

Drinking water is refreshing and good for me.

Ear skritches! Good for kitties! I petted two cats and said hi to a third today; I also petted two dogs. Walks are good for that. The cat I said hi to but didn’t get to pet was the neighbor kitty I’ve nicknamed Cream Loof Nornj. The others were a peachy-orange kitty with pale green eyes and fluffy cheeks who was nibbling on plants in his (?) yard, and a skittish, silvery-fawny-gray kitty with large angled gem-yellow eyes who wove back and forth to cautiously investigate me and S when we reached her (?) piece of sidewalk. The doggies were a Golden Retriever and a cream-colored Labrador mix.
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AKA the "Cats and Netflix Song Edition"

1. Kitty! I took a walk on Saturday and met my neighbor the bobtail cat hanging out on his porch. I sat on the steps and made interesting noises, and he came over for sniffs, chin-scratching, petting, more petting while sitting on my lap, and general adorableness.

2. GBBO. I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off (second U.S. season) while huddled with my sweetie under every blanket in the apartment (Sunday and Tuesday).

Noms, school job mention under cut: Read more... )
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How to decide on a cat tree (and other cat linkspam). This is assuming one has cats, is besotted enough to get a cat tree, and can afford to do so. I fit only the middle criterion at the moment, but I can dream. Read more... )
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Walked/hiked up to and around Mt Tabor City Park again.

Contents may include: humans, physical challenges, actually enjoying exercise, food, brain weirdness, fuzzy animals, complaining about weather: Read more... )
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Trying hard to take care of myself (sleep! food! safe feelings! water!), do my work, and still accomplish some of the little things that make life better. I will do the smart things! And it will work!!! Because!!!!!

Recent good things:

- Porch Cat came down off the porch and sat in my lap for petting!
- Among my impulsive grocery purchases the other day were some organic black olives that turned out to be really really tasty and have raised my bar for what to expect/accept.
- I am rereading "Always Coming Home," by Ursula K. Le Guin, and it is, as always, one of the most remarkable books I have ever read.
- I have a safe bed with soft pillows in a functional apartment. This is worth noting.
- My partner S and I continue to have lots of quiet walks and lots of hugs.
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Things that are Yep:

I saw a hummingbird today. It is SO COOL that it is able to hover and flit from location to location in 3D space. Its high-pitched click-like sounds also remind me of dolphins echolocating. The cat I was hanging out with evidently also thought that hummingbirds were cool, in a stalk-able kind of way. *amused* MORE YEP below the nope that is below the cut. Read more... )

BONUS: Petted today: At least 5 dogs, one of which was Bobtail Cat's barkbarkbark-y canine sibling. Bobtail Cat - until mutually distracted by HUMMINGBIRD. Porch Cat - at length. (His teeth seemed a bit better. Oh, and I think I met his daughter or sister last week, she's even more semi-feral-semi-not wary yet drawn to people and looks a lot like him, and lives nearby, but is clearly a younger cat.) Yay dogs and cats!
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Loof Nornj kitteh pettins! … I suppose that I had better unpack that a bit. There is a house in my neighborhood that has a big porch with steps up to it and with big hydrangeas in front of it. There are two cats that live in the house and spend a lot of time lounging on the porch, in sunbeams or shade, depending on the time of day and temperature. Both are fluffy and orange. One is full-on marmalade. The other is a cream dilute red, so sort of peach colored. They are healthy, happy, beautiful cats, but they also tend to be shy of anyone who isn’t their very own humans. I will walk over to say hi, or S will, and they will back off, retreat to the porch from the steps, go under the bushes, etc. Therefore we’ve gone from describing them as “an aloof cat or two” to “those loof cats, the orange ones, you know” to “the Loof Nornj kitties” as a family name. Well, today we went out for breakfast rather earlier than we usually get going on a Saturday, and on the way back we noticed Marmalade Loof Nornj and Cream Loof Nornj both sitting in the sun, and I guess they’ve got used to us and the fact that we won’t invade their porch because they stayed put. So I sat on the steps … and sat, and read my book, and made purrs and meows … and little by little sat closer and closer while they went about their business, and eventually was sitting just a foot or two away (less than a meter). And Cream Loof Nornj strolled by and mewed and let me just barely touch her fur and went away and came back and mewed at me again. And Marmalade Loof Nornj made a sphinx in the sun on the concrete wall along one side of the steps, and let me hold out a hand for inspection and then skritch his ruff and get some shed fur out, and purred. I feel really really happy that the Loof cats have deemed me worthy of less aloofness and that I have successfully negotiated GRADUALLY moving inwards to touch range while still respecting one another’s space … I just wish humans were a little easier to read on that, like cats … and also I got to pet two new cats, so SCORE. *wriggles and flails of delight*

Other things that are also very good:

German apple pancakes. Schedules that worked out reasonably well. An actual full night’s sleep resulting in me being AWAKE in the morning, which for me is upwards of 12 hours. Cold minty tea.
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You know you need funny cat pictures. Yes...yesssss....

Via umadoshi.


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