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So I have recently actually created a Smashwords account. Looking for recommendations; please see below.

Since I don’t do well at remember to check things and tend to anxiety-brain a bit about my different accounts, this is a significant thing for me. I am trying to shift more of my reading away from Amazon. I want to support more authors who are marginalized in the U.S. And I'm in a bit of a bumpy patch for fanfic reading for purely personal reasons. I've still got loads and loads of used books and favorite stores to find more. However, I'd like to develop, for Smashwords specifically, a reasonably extensive ‘I would probably like to read this’ list.

So, keeping in mind that I generally, arbitrarily, and oversimplified-ly prefer: picky )

What book or stories would you recommend I buy or ‘buy’ for free on Smashwords? What authors do you think fit my description, and how do you know? If you can, specifying free or paid would be helpful, along with any relevant context about the author(s), and why you like the book(s).

I also have other accounts and sources of reading material, but right now I’m asking about things available on Smashwords.
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I don't have anything very coherent to say about the Fourth of July and what it means and has meant to me any why it is different for me this year and not-different for some other people and what else I'm thinking of because of that. So I'll let some friends have their say instead.

Babbling...I need to remember that the founding of the United States was definitely NOT an unmixed good for many people, especially the Native American nations that were decimated or genocided as colonial settlement. And some people are NOT okay with fireworks. And if there is a point to this line of thought, it's that this year things are definitely not improving and that's not okay. And that it is still true that this holiday is and has been important to me, and that I do still feel something like love and loyalty for my incredibly deeply awful nation.

If there is work to be done, let it be work that heals the world--

If we are to celebrate at all, let us all be allowed to celebrate--

And if the world is f****d anyway, then at least, be kind--
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This would be a poll if I had a paid account, but I don’t. So - please reply by comment, if you are interested! I will respond with at least one CUTENESS THERAPY item for you!

Q1. A favorite fuzzy animal for adorableness purposes?
(Or fluffy, feathery, scaly, etc…)

ETA: Species posted so far: Red panda, elf owl, great horned owl, domestic cat, fishing cat, tiger, red fox, sheep, rabbit, human, capybara, hedgehog... Formats so far: Descriptive text, picture, video.

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I appear to be teaching myself how to put pictures on Dreamwidth by way of Imgur. This pleases me, as spontaneous nature photography is a way I feel connected to the beauty of the world.

Picture and suchRead more... )
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test two three four

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Do you remember these? Or do you - like me - WISH you'd been in online fandom long enough to remember these? (I dunno what's wrong with my younger self, I had friends who wrote fanfic and everything.)

Check it out.
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I just dumped eleventy-seven comments at once on someone's Thing. I think I did a Bad Thing. *wince*

*whispering* Sorry.

I need a New Rule. New Rule: wait at least 5 minutes before posting more than 3 lengthy comments on THE SAME TOPIC.

Bad kitty, no catnip.
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Lesson planning. What my subconscious mind thinks ought to be my approach.

(Warning: reptiles, failed social scripts for romance, computer humor - it’s xkcd.)

The explanation of the comic is here: .

My subconscious is a TROLL (not news).

On the other hand, look, crows using tools!

A news article explaining the video is here: .

Always relevant.

School Topics: Read more... )


No advice needed, I actually am making good solid progress. But I’m tired and my tying fingers hurt and I think I need to buy some beanbag chairs but first I want chocolate.
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I am still feeling my way with online posting and commenting etiquette. At times, I realized (too late, or almost) that something probably needed better context and/or a warning for what it was about, if I’m trying to be respectful of other people’s choice to not be startled by an upsetting topic, which I would like to be. Recently I had a couple of these conversations in the comments on someone else’s stuff.

Cut for Lengthy Explanation Read more... )

For two of those cases I mentioned above, I’m going to be posting the message in question below the cut right here.

Content Warnings below the cut: #1: general anger at society; for the external article link: people dying of sheer neglect. #2: discussion of anxiety and (short-term) loss of mental control.

Cut for Edgy Topics Read more... )

You know, this was WAY more effort to provide content warning than the topics probably merited, especially since they both already had some context? But this is a learning process.


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