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cut for length; contains positives including food, self-care, and moments at the school job
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I was all out of choices
But the Woman Of Voices
She came round the corner
With music around her…

…And she said
‘I’m so glad you finally made it here
With all the things you know now
That only time could tell…’

— From: lyrics 'to You're Aging Well', originally by Dar Williams (thanks comments!), Leela & Ellie Grace, self-titled CD.

I am grateful to the following scattered assortment of filk and folk musicians for being the soundtrack that got me through my week: Kerry Stanley, Steve Savitsky, Leela Grace & Ellie Grace, Leslie Fish, and all their friends and musical associates.

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And THANK YOU to my dad for giving me the music bug in the first place. *wink*

(Apologies that I haven’t gone through and sorted out better formatting and alt-text for links; I think I’d never post this if I did; I’ll try to come back and edit it later.)

Apologies again; first edit didn't take, let's see if this does...
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There are many terrible things in the world. Art and music and story give me courage to go on. I’ll occasionally be posting about some of these, purely based on what I personally turn to. Explanations and supplemental research will be uneven, depending on what I feel up to. I’m not looking for simple comfort or for direct action, because I find those elsewhere too; but the arts, like few other things in life, have the depth of complex meaning to remind me how to hope.

These songs remind me that some of my own ancestors and distant kin fought for (what they saw as) freedom, and that dying on the losing side of a battle cannot take away the value of standing up for a cause. Pride in my heritage is complicated and doesn't come easily - in a sort of mirror image, neither does treasuring culturally important works that I find personally important but cannot in fairness claim - but these songs still strike a chord. That matters.

Rising of the Moon
audio in video format
audio in video format

The Foggy Dew
audio in video format

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Voices of a diverse group of young people in an isolated small town in Australia - speaking to their heritage, their present challenges, and their dreams.

Quote from lyrics:

"Change it back to what it meant to be I’ll take back my identity
I’ll maintain my integrity. I’m black in the 21st Century
Yep there’s still room for improvement, work with us to start a movement
Bourke about to change the game and break the chain through this here music.

If you fair dinkum prove it bred, you better shake your leg
If you for real sis, hands up if you feel this.
If you on track, you better learn your lingo, bringin it back.
Learn the facts, learn your language, yep be proud be black

We livin’ black and white – get rid of that stereotype
Never give up, don’t quit, the truth is you can be anything you like
Yep you gotta grab that mic, gotta keep that fire alight
Gotta keep on dreaming keep your chin up, keep on shining bright."

Project Link with video and lyrics:

Trying to embed video:

(Did the embed link work??)

Via [personal profile] thnidu who got it via someone else.

thnidu's post:
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If you EVER listen to music go listen to this, it is THE AMAZE.

"The future has a place--"
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After having a conversation with the delightful [personal profile] cmcmck, I got to wondering WHAT six-plus songs someone might know about barley. Here is what I found and liked.

(Please note that due to sensory stuff, I can only enjoy music at the very bottom of the Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness - if it's remotely "noisy" it overwhelms my processing ability and becomes painful even if I want to appreciate it. So this is very biased towards acoustic-y stuff where each voice and instrument is distinguishable.)

Folk songs about* barley (English language) I’ve listened to:
*ETA: Or featuring. Barley symbolizes some strange stuff in some of these.

John Barleycorn
The Maid that Sold Her Barley
Oats and Beans and Barley Grow
The Barley-Mow Song
All Among the Barley
Corn Riggs / Among the Rigs of Barley
The Wind That Shakes the Barley

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PS: Sorry I'm terrible at editing today.

ETA: I wanted to make this post as accessible as realistically possible, for one evening’s casual research as a non-expert. I have added content notes. I have added a brief note on access without visuals. I have added lyrics for access without sound. If you want me to add something else so that you can enjoy learning about this music, comment, and I WILL add it, although it may take awhile.

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I want to pet a velociraptor. Which would be about chicken sized. RAWR.

...My brain is weird when I am tired.

In the interest of inspiring people to be RAWR, shiny and occasionally brave things:

- Going to the public library
- Asking kids what their favorite and least favorite parts of the day were
- Playing Foursquare
- Petting a golden retriever
- Listening to a video mashup of the Pokemon theme and Lady Gaga - oh dear gods why, but also, why not.


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