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Slice of life. May contain traces of: brain weasels, culturally pre-programmed for your inconvenience brain weasels, peopling, not peopling, sleep, food, chores, not doing the chores, whining, complaining even though it could be worse, extreme ramblyness, nuggets of oddly chipper

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ETA: I did indeed go to the gaming thing on Thursday and it was awesome. Good good good. Oddly enough going to the game store works better when I plan around saving spoons instead of dumping them on little stuff like *hurrying* and *saving seats* and *will there be anyone there I like.* So many shiny peoples, I can even text with a phone, yes yes. *wibbles a bit* Energy, so weird a thing.
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I made cookies! Yay! Aaaaugh my brain! But, yay cookies!

(Food, recipes, holiday making, family angst, arguing with my own brain…)

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A good night’s sleep, a pretty morning sky of rose-tinted clearing clouds, and sunshine this afternoon.

Entertaining fiction online - I’m hesitant to post reviews since I wouldn’t *unequivocally* recommend anything I’ve read recently and don’t think I have the energy for explaining nuances, but let’s just say sf&f with queer themes and a bit of a historical flavor.

Maples with kiwi green, dandelion yellow, and flame red leaves all at once. The colors, the colors, the colors!

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AKA the "Cats and Netflix Song Edition"

1. Kitty! I took a walk on Saturday and met my neighbor the bobtail cat hanging out on his porch. I sat on the steps and made interesting noises, and he came over for sniffs, chin-scratching, petting, more petting while sitting on my lap, and general adorableness.

2. GBBO. I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off (second U.S. season) while huddled with my sweetie under every blanket in the apartment (Sunday and Tuesday).

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Directly quoting [personal profile] lizcommotion here because LizCommotion said this very well:

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Today I am grateful for:

. S. making us breakfast AND coffee, wow.

. Clean dishes which I washed the night before. And the day before. And the day before that. And today after breakfast. THE POINT IS, I am grateful they are clean.

. The art of fandom and geekdom and fantasy worlds. Because kitten in a Godzilla suit stomping a block city. RAWR kitten. Also, orca mermaid. And winged wolf. And kitten cuddling a leetle dragon. And so much shiny pretty beautifulness.

. People who listen to me. People who WANT to listen to me. People I can listen to and learn from. People I WANT to listen to.

. My most-bestest fuzzy-fluffy-furry brownish-sable-y pair of cat ears. If putting on my cat ears makes me feel like the world is a slightly better place, then, by darn, I will put on my cat ears and WILL the world to be better. And slightly fuzzier.


. Pot liquor from cooking dark leafy greens, used to make extra-nutritious tea. I don't even really like the taste, it just hits the spot somehow? I must be missing some micronutrient or another. Better figure out what so I can eat more or I'll boil the lining off my pots and then drink it, which would be unhealthy. Also maybe I should get better kitchen gear where "better" is " probably lower tech and made from natural materials." I'm very grateful for silicon grab mats and copper-bottomed stainless pots, I just don't see why they shouldn't exist alongside an iron kettle and a stone mortar and pestle.

. Stretches and limbering up as adjuncts of deep breathing and mindful listening and/or meditation. I got this idea by way of Westernized yoga, but it's everywhere once you look for it.

. A book (by Seanan Maguire) in which, in the midst of all sorts of fantastical world building and creepy wonderfulness, a gunshot wound to the arm is treated with unexpected realism as to its seriousness.


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