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there has to be a finite number of kids at our school

but sometimes it seems like eleventy zillion
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Kids actually listening to each other.




Time to organize materials.


Mt. Hood.

Problem solving and coping skills.

Recognizing when it is time for a break.
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I’m here; I’m fine.

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Made it to the weekend, even. :)

I am okay, given the circumstances.

Some random shinies:
Homegrown fruit; polygonal interconnecting connecting building toys; play dough and brain putty; kids eating salad; music.
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Today, on the second day of kindergarten, because the kids were worried about the forest fire ... we learned how to look through the pictures in books to find relevant information even if the text is too hard, using books on trees and forests, and using this reading strategy, a student located information about redwoods that can survive fires, which my colleague read aloud to the class.
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Kindergarteners are amazing and make me smile with their beautiful thoughts and spontaneous deep questions.

Hoping for some rain to wash the air down so we can go outside for recess. ;)
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This is a very short post to let you know that I am still here, aka alive, and also back here, aka in Oregon. A family trip happened. And a memorial. There were long plane flights and lots of tears and also good things.

Then I had my first day back at work for the school year, which should have been my third day except I missed two Mandatory! Training! Days! because of family thing and am trying to make up that but at least the people at my building are fairly supportive or at least saying the right things. And I got through that first day somehow and it was not entirely awful.

Also, kids are awesome and they are even more awesome when they have popsicles and small mechanized orca toys, and I’m really grateful we have another day-ish of set up before they arrive en masse, instead of trickling in to tag along with parents trying to swap classes and/or eat principal’s playground popsicles for maybe half an hour.

This isn’t actually a short post, now is it… And it has run-on sentences. And. Fragments. Oh well.

I was going to do a pros and cons and coping strategies activated list-post but I think I’m going to stare blankly at webcomics for a bit and then maybe sleep early and/or do one o the things I meant to do before falling asleep.

I mentioned kids are awesome yeah?

Oh, yeah, and a great thing from the trip: my three-going-on four honorary cousin showing off his immense talent at dancing in circles, to the music of his toy keyboard’s preprogrammed beats plus all the adults in the room clapping. Punctuated by knocking over stacks of wooden blocks lined up like dominos on the coffee table.

And another: my five-going-on-older cousin building a blanket fort with me and my sib. And getting to play with magnetic toy trains with him.

(Like I did with my uncle, once. Thank you, dear one.)
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I am SO PROUD of my kindergarteners. Today they graduated to first grade! I cried of course. I got lots of hugs and some really sweet reactions/recognition from parents. And I am SO READY for it to be summer - these couple of days of clean up and professional development cannot go fast enough. And, thankfully, there WILL BE summer meals at school, and summer activities. And we got a lot done! And they have grown so much. Oh my gods. *sniff*
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Argh continues argh. Car thing. Insurance thing. Work thing. Long term thingy things. Health thing. Apartment thing. Much stress grumble grumble, must remember to sleep and food and relax on the regular while trying to do things. Me continues hanging in there. May you all have the bestest kittysnuggles or equivalent. I cannot grammar. Loveses you all.
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Hey! I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm more or less working on some things that will help with various things. Also some good things because Spring!

Context & Bad Things: Friday I commented a bit about being really miserable. A Bad Thing happened at school, and I was processing that. Read more... )

Good Things:

The plum, apple, and cherry trees are in full magnificent blossom here in Portland, with pear and crab-apple still in bloom but starting to drop petals and leaf out. There's that particular intense reddish pink that I want to call cherry-candy-colored but it is historically older and prettier than cherry candy! Sunrise cloud red-pink?

S and I are struggling with some communication with each other - I miss her nonverbal signals; she has a hard time finding the spoons to verbal at me - but we're very aware of it and love each other a lot and are working on it, and I think we made progress talking and listening before she needed to go to work. Progress is good!

I have discovered the Everything Croissant. You know all those seeds and spices and onion bits and more seeds you get on a good savory Everything Bagel? Try those swirled into a croissant with extra butter, and shaped like a giant muffin of croissant-y tastiness for extra silliness.

We got our community garden plot assignment at last! Payment, required training and volunteer hours, first day to weed and turn over, details of commute, and deal between me and S on who does what still to be worked out, but WE GOT ONE YAAAAAAY! And okay, it is far away, but still YAY GARDEN.

I have actually seen the sun at least briefly more days than not this past week.

One of my school kiddoes LOVES the sensory activity kit I put together for her and it is also helping with eliciting some spontaneous oral language stuff. Other stuff is complicated but hey smile of pure joy on little kid's face after squishing a squeezy toy and ringing a little silver bell = YES. Also several students keep giving me dandelions to wear at recess, so I do. <3

I have some time and some energy now and will try to go do some things accordingly.
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This week, starting Wednesday-ish, has been completely messed up by things at School Job spilling over to home.

I have not done much by way of writing, or creative other things, or chores, or socializing, or indeed functioning. Aside from a fair amount of laundry because of Reasons.

I have, however, read several books. If you have not already done so, go check out RoAnna Sylver, Lois McMaster Bujold, Catherynne M. Valente, Nalo Hopkinson, and/or Kij Johnson all of whom are on balance very good and enjoyable authors for me to read. I'm either intrigued or guiltily pleased but not 100% convinced by Nisi Shawl, Ada Palmer, Charles Stross, John Scalzi, M.C.A. Hogarth, Michael Swanwick. I am angry at Becky Chambers because I wanted to like the book, which had many good points, and then something very Not Okay was treated as a Good And Right thing.

ETA: STUFF under cut, see tags:
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That's all for now.
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cut for length; contains positives including food, self-care, and moments at the school job
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I’m grateful for:

favorite CDs


sunset clouds

Internet access

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very pleasant social time with some newer friends who are actually local and share many common interests

positive interactions with S, who had a day off
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I am grateful for:


chamomile tea


electric pencil sharpeners that actually work

clear lane striping and signage



ETA: Also for people who offer hugs when my day was not good. It was not good. But I am still grateful for good things. Including me being stubborn, which doesn't always help but it got me through some stuff.
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Today was hard, so some good things:
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