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Finally got around to uploading it. Art of a winged cat, from an artist I like, used at small size with permission directly from Theresa Mather.

For a slightly larger view and other awesome art, go here:

This image - a cat with big feathered wings, in soft earth tones - is more similar to my self-image as a cat than my cat napping icon. But my mental image of me is tortoiseshell, with a stripy nose. And the winged version of me is naturally shades of purple, while still being tortie. Go figure...
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I am going to be teaching summer school for the next three weeks. I will probably be posting / commenting significantly less often, but I'm not going away. I will try to eventually respond to personally addressed messages. I want to read what people post, but we'll see what there's time for.
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I am posting the list of caveats for my coping skills posts separately so that I can just link to it. Here it is again:

Very Long List of Caveats

- These are things I have tried, things I want to try, things I do often, things I have done once, and so on. Use your own judgement. Some things I recommend and some I dis-recommend, and some I haven’t explained much.
- Health and mobility permitting. Don’t do shit that you know makes you worse.
- Physical environment and human safety hazards permitting. Don’t do dangerous things for no reason or without really examining the risks. Don’t let other people tell you what risks are and are not okay for you to assume. But if they describe a risk and can give parameters for where/when/how you might encounter it and and research or experience to show it exists, don’t assume they are 100% wrong or 100% right, think about it.
- Survival needs permitting. If you need water or food or sleep or a place to go that isn’t actively harmful, go get it, don’t prioritize practicing yoga or meditating in the desert or buying chocolate above the basics. Don’t be a complete doofus about future plans but don’t badly neglect the present in order to get to them. By the same token, try to take decent care of your supports, economic, household, and social. Don’t not maintain your home/bike/car/garden if you can afford to maintain it.
- Our brains fuck with us. Don’t do shit that you know makes you worse. If you don’t really know one way or the other, though, set up some safeguards and give it a try. That little voice saying “this can’t possibly work because it sucks and you suck and everything suck?”…is basically lying, and any grains of truth there are being misrepresented via distorted context and emotional weight. Be cautious, but not so cautious you strangle yourself. It’s okay to go one bitty step at a time. It’s okay to take a leap sometimes.
- Our bodies fuck with us. Assume that an unexpected reaction is possible. Know how to do some first aid and some physical self-care for your own issues (mine are sensory and a few allergies and unexpected tiredness) and how to get help in an emergency. Don’t wander off into the wilderness unsupported.
- Consider getting regular medical check-ups, if you know that you potentially have safe access to medical care; if not, then when and as you are able, get creative about making a list of safeguards, freebies, health care hacks, skills to learn, potential resources, alternate types of care, and so on.
- I may address physical senses, including sight, hearing, smell, taste, and several different kinds of physiological feeling. I touch briefly on other experiences that might be considered under a similar heading. I am not experienced with rare, compensatory, cyborg, psychic, non-conscious, or nonhuman senses, and the only relevant information I can give is “go do some research.”
- Not everything on here is suitable for everybody or even for most people. My point of view is that of a white, English-speaking, USAian, twenties to thirties, not disabled, Aspie, somewhat physically active, cis-presenting, female, queer, employed, non-parent, etc, person. Take your own circumstances into account while deciding what to do. I welcome suggestions, additions, calling-in for failure to accurately describe or account for something, and so on. I don’t pretend to be presenting a comprehensive list; this is necessarily and intentionally me-centered.
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So while I was at ConQuest, I bought cat ears.

I wore them all day, including after the con at a patriotic concert for Memorial Day. As I pointed out to one of my family, if it isn't a safe country to wear cat ears in, it sure isn't one that it is safe to have an actual political opinion in. (Of course, it is often neither; but I figure wearing my ears, if it has any effect at all, nudges it in the more tolerant direction on average).

I have put them on for no particular reason, to go out or stay on, repeatedly since then. The headband is tighter than I would ordinarily be able to tolerate, but I don't care. I find myself stroking the soft fur, skritching around the base of the ears as if I were petting a kitty, adjusting them. If I don't think about it, I feel like they are part of my head. If I do think about it, I am tremendously, irrationally happy about having cat ears.

Among everything else, it is nice to have confirmation that being weird the way I want to unambiguously improves my life. Yes, there is a mix of benefits and drawbacks that come with every choice. However, I have consistently found that doing the "don't do that it's weird" thing frequently, intensely, and to the best of my ability ... makes me more happy, healthy, and safe. That is, as long as nobody in the situation has the power and inclination to punish me for it. Trying to act normal makes me stressed. There are some things I will act normal in order to get. But I am not giving up my cat ears. Ever.

Cat ears: good life decision.
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I'm identifying and describing myself to make it easier for people to talk to me, for me to find community, to point out some common interests, to make it simpler for anyone who chooses to call me on blinkered or privileged thinking, and to avoid inadvertently misrepresenting myself. Because people do change over time, this post is also subject to change.

Names and Pronouns:
Please call me alatefeline on Dreamwidth. I prefer they/them pronouns. Read more... )

Regarding access and subscriptions: I subscribe to people's journals readily if I like reading stuff they post. Feel free to subscribe to mine or not as you like. Basically nothing on my journal is access locked, so please don't feel like it means much if I don't grant you access / accidentally hit the grant access button. I will update if and when this needs to change.


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