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A friend of a friend is looking for an apartment to share and/or a place to crash while apartment-hunting.

If this is not you, but you think you might know someone who knows someone, please boost the signal! You might save someone's life.

I mentioned a friend looking for roommates in California earlier this month. She's still looking, and it's getting bad -- the end of this month means basically be homeless in LA or come back to Florida, and both of those are gonna be really hard on her mental health. So I'm putting out the word again and hoping some kind of miracle comes through.

If anybody is looking for a roommate in the downtown LA/Hollywood/Wilshire area -- or knows somebody looking for, or knows someone who might be looking for, or knows someone who might know someone, or any kind of lead at all -- please, please hit me up and I can get people in touch with her. Or honestly, at this point, if anyone knows somebody in other areas of California willing to house a couch surfer for a month to give her a little more time to look, I can send that to her and maybe she can work things out. She's not good with dogs or cats but other pets are not a problem, and ideally looking to pay around $600/month.
EDIT: After some discussion, if there's anyone in the area of San Diego -- or possibly anything else within about that far from LA (so 2-3 hours, so not all the way up the state but a much larger range than before) -- that might be able to put somebody up for a couple of weeks to a month, that would be really appreciated as well, as it would give her more time to try and look.

Help seriously, greatly appreciated. I'm really worried about how this is going to end up.

Ask [personal profile] balsamandash for more details.
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Hey friends and passers-by!

A friend of mine has recently taken in a kid (and their pet turtle) whose family lost (scary info) Read more... ) Said friend is good people. Said friend is also an artisan and an artist! Pictures and details under the cut. Read more... ) Either way, so much love!
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The wonderful [personal profile] conuly has been attempting to feed, medicate, and shelter two semi-feral kittens, and has finally got them into a safe contained space. Anyone in the greater NYC area interested in two baby kitties who are a bit wild and shy but young enough to learn to love people?

Edited: If not, once they've been checked up and cleaned up and properly treated for eye troubles, they'll be moving a shelter, a foster home, or TNR, depending on what's available and how their socialization goes.
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Pride isn't just a celebration. It is that and that is important. But it's also a lifeline to young queer kids. It's a protest and a form of action and so many other things.

Whether you are queer yourself or (hopefully!) an ally to queerfolk, please look up your local pride event. Or Google "queer homeless teens." Or "black trans lives matter" or "Two Spirit Native lgbtqia+"... Support as you can.

And remember: survival is resistance.

ETA: Also: There is no one right way to Pride

(Comic Transcript linked at bottom of comic now)

You matter. THANK YOU.
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This rescue kitty in Baltimore is looking for a forever home. The people who found her love her and she is super human-friendly, but she can't live with other cats!

Comment over there, not here please...
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[personal profile] alexseanchai is destashing some assorted necklaces and earrings, and asking $5 per piece. They will ship them for free within the U.S. If you have room in your life for some pretties from a friend of a friend, you might consider checking this out:
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So along with the many many plans to destroy health insurance access, here's some details on a plan to allow companies to sell junk insurance that only LOOKS like health insurance coverage. Fascinating reading, if you can stop screaming long enough to read it.
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Time to drop your prompt-bait into the muse's well, and see what Ysabet Wordsmith the bard pulls back up by way of poems...

Leave prompts, get shiny writing! Tip moneys, get shiny writing posted for all to appreciate! Linkback, spread the word, and reveal the linkback poem!
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Need a little art against oppression in your Monday? [personal profile] siliconshaman is taking prompts for 500-word ficlets, in any of their original universes or fandoms, and you can get MORE GOODEEZ for just a dollar or by boosting the signal.

Go ye forth and leave prompts!


Also, I'll be listening to my Bone Walker CD on repeat in the car this week. It goes along with a very cool series of fantasy books, but it's also just a great mix of energizing flavors from traditional sea chanties to instrumental dances to a wildly energetic nerdcore remix of said dance music. The lead musician is also blogging extremely useful news updates for the resistance, here on Dreamwidth. Dara Korra'ti is a self-identified principled supervillian and one of the most badass people I've had the pleasure to listen to.


ETA: For anyone using a screen reader, the following links may be more compatible, if you wish to get a taste of the music.

Content advisory: May contain supervillains, creepy monsters creeping up, snatches of story, traditional ballads with their silly sexism, brief ableist language in the form of commonly used metaphors, politically aware perspective pointing out that things really suck, deeply nerdy concepts, musical genre puree, epically noisy instruments, sounds that send shivers up my spine, and other scattered things.

Direct link to album:

YouTube examples:

So there's a thing!
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Via kyleri. (I am not very good at noting where I get things. Sorry.)

A bit of poetry to stoke your fire...

"And of course it’s not fair but rest assured,
anxious America, you brought your fists to a glitter fight."
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For those wondering how to survive the current political climate in the US (and elsewhere).

Our activist elders who are who are trans, queer, black, POC, disabled, different, who are intersectionally oppressed, have done this before. They know how to fight and how to build while under threat. Let's listen.

One resource is this collection of writings:
put together specifically to highlight the voices of the LGBTQIA+ elders who are still with us and teach us how they have done survival activism and superb art in a time and place that hated them.

I haven't read everything there, but enough to know I'll turn to it when I need it.

I'll be back with more another time...
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I was all out of choices
But the Woman Of Voices
She came round the corner
With music around her…

…And she said
‘I’m so glad you finally made it here
With all the things you know now
That only time could tell…’

— From: lyrics 'to You're Aging Well', originally by Dar Williams (thanks comments!), Leela & Ellie Grace, self-titled CD.

I am grateful to the following scattered assortment of filk and folk musicians for being the soundtrack that got me through my week: Kerry Stanley, Steve Savitsky, Leela Grace & Ellie Grace, Leslie Fish, and all their friends and musical associates.

Cut for length: Read more... )

And THANK YOU to my dad for giving me the music bug in the first place. *wink*

(Apologies that I haven’t gone through and sorted out better formatting and alt-text for links; I think I’d never post this if I did; I’ll try to come back and edit it later.)

Apologies again; first edit didn't take, let's see if this does...
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Signal boosting Ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl.

Feeling blah? Looking forward to spring? (Or autumn, as the case may be...or whatever seasonal cycle is local to you.) Care for a few little blossoms of hope in the form of poems?

This month's theme is nature and the bard is hoping to write primarily short stand-alone poems this time. It's a perfect time to get your feet wet ... in the fishbowl ... which I guess would make you an early heron. Or else just very confused? :D

Oh, and
is apparently the text equivalent for the Unicode symbol for a bird. Go figure.
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Peoplefolk, the artists of the internet worlds can be so generous and amazing.

I wish to highlight the talents and thoughtfulness of the amazing [personal profile] ratcreature!

While wandering around my network (as one does (right?)) I stumbled upon a thread offering to draw quick sketches based on one's interest list. I posted a brief remark. And then I got a gorgeous pencil sketch!

Image below cut: Read more... )
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Do you like stories? Do you like people writing original fiction? Do you want to encourage our writing community? Do you want something good to happen yet - or remember something good that already somehow made it - this US calendar year?

Drop off some prompts here:
The writer's theme is happy memories.

Gather round...I'll light a campfire and share some festive cookies. (Recipes available, seriously.)

Also, if you can, boost the signal, drop something in the tip jar, celebrate the awesome!
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I found this poem to be excellent, though short, with vivid imagery.

Content Note: Contains reflections on the difficulties of coping with neurodivergence and ableism.
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This visual art is extremely beautiful and people who like realistically-detailed animals with a fantasy-art flavor and rainbowy colors and lovely fine lines and curves, and can see it on their computer screen, may want to go stare at it. And throw money at the artist if you can afford to, which right now is not me, but these are so shiny.

gray seal and dormouse and wild boar

Because it simply would not do to put pictures up without also putting up something on the audio and/or written sides, here is some audio:

The song entitled 'Gray Seal' (video component is the lyrics superimposed on the CD case):
on YouTube

The sounds of an actual gray seal:
wildlife recording
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Politics adjacent; political; fictional, politics adjacent, on sensitive topics for trans folk and (current and former) uterus-havers; nature-y and insect adjacent; lastly (and not under cut) KITTANS.

Thanks to dialecticdreamer, ysabetwordsmith, randomling, umadoshi, conuly and others who put up the links and the original writing that I end up spending far too much time reading.

Read more... )

Livestream of kittens 24/7, by an adoption charity. (Both color and black-and-white video, no significant audio, no text or captions, sadly.)

>> Mmmmrrrpfprrt? <<
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Open prompt call, topic: anything that is annoying to bigots, especially representation in speculative fiction; also, companion animals apparently. I don't know the writers but I'm excited to have stumbled on this!


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